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Michael A. Morrison

David Ross Boyd Professor Of Physics & General Education, Professor Emeritus

Presidential Professorship
Oklahoma Medal for Excellence in Teaching
David Ross Boyd Professorship
Fred Jones Foundation Master Teaching Award
Fellow of the American Physical Society
University of Oklahoma Associates' Distinguished Lecturer
Regents' Award for Superior Teaching
B.S. 1971 Rice University
Ph.D. 1976 Rice University
Ph: (405) 325-6978
Office: 239 Nielsen Hall



Since my official retirement at the end of 2010, I have diversified my scholarly interests and activities. I remain very interested in the theoretical quantum physics of atoms and molecules and am collaborating with Eric Abraham and his experimental group on a project designed to use a special configuration of laser beams to the interaction energy between two atoms. In another project I'm using a methodology called quantum defects in very simple models to explain otherwise hard-to-understand properties of atoms and molecules. I also greatly enjoy helping other faculty and students with their professional interests, problems, and projects as the opportunity arises.

My main scholarly activity, however, has focused on writing. I am completing the second volume of my undergraduate textbook, "The Joy of Quantum Physics" (under contract at Oxford University Press) and a book on writing, "Effective Scientific Writing for Students of the Sciences and Engineering" (also under contract at Oxford).After completing these books, I plan to begin a new project: a book (for a non-specialist audience) about the periodic table of the elements (how it came about, the people who developed it, insights into nature it can reveal, the relevance of it and many of the elements of daily life, and so on). After that: a "user's guide" to the application of quantum scattering theory to problems in current research. After that, I may actually retire.



"Observation of deeply bound 85Rb2 vibrational levels using Feshbach optimized photoassociation," S. P. Krzyzewski, T. G. Akin, J. Dizikes, Michael A. Morrison, and E. R. I. Abraham, Physical Review A, 92, 062714, (2015)

"Cooling Electrons in Semiconductor Devices," T. Jayasekera, M.A. Morrison and K. Mullen, Phys. Rev. B, 75, 035316, (2007) ADS: 2006cond.mat..5073J

"Experimental and theoretical investigation of the Stark effect for trapping cold molecules: Application to nitric oxide," B. J. Bichsel, M. A. Morrison, N. E. Shafer-Ray and E. R. I. Abraham, Phys. Rev. A, 75, 023410, (2007) ADS: 2007PhRvA..75b3410B

"The importance of non-resonant scattering in low-energy dissociative electron attachment to molecular hydrogen," Djamal Rabli and Michael A.~Morrison, Physical Review Letters, 97, 013201, (2006)



The Joy of Quantum Physics, Michael A. Morrison (Oxford University Press, 2019)

Effective Scientific Writing for Scientists and Engineers, Michael A. Morrison (Oxford University Press, 2017)

Understanding Quantum Physics: A User's Manual, Michael A. Morrison (Prentice-Hall, 1990)