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Bruce Mason

Associate Professor

Bruce Mason
Fellow of the American Physical Society
Longmire Prize for Teaching
Good Teaching Award
General Education Teaching Award
Regents' Award for Superior Teaching
B.S. 1980 Oberlin College
Ph.D. 1985 University of Maryland
Ph: (405) 325-6761
Office: 227 Nielsen Hall



Trained as a solid state theorist, in the mid-1990's I started to explore ways in which the computational tools used in research could expand and enliven courses for both graduate and undergraduate students. This led to the study of new technologies for supporting learning and ways to help other faculty take advantage of these tools.

My work now focuses on efforts to enhance physics and astronomy education through web-based resources. I am director of the ComPADRE network of educational resource collections (, an ecosystem of electronic resources and services of the American Association of Physics Teachers. Examples include hosting the online components and proceedings of the annual Physics Education Research Conference and the Advanced Labs Topical Conferences. ComPADRE hosts online resources for the Open Source Physics community.

Recent projects supported by ComPADRE include the Partnership for Integration of Computation into Undergraduate Physics, PICUP and the Living Physics Portal for community development and sharing of learning resources for introductory physics for life sciences majors courses.



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"The Physlet Approach to Simulation Design," Wolfgang Christian, Mario Belloni, Francisco Esquembre, Bruce Mason, Lyle Barbato, Matt Riggsbee, The Physics Teacher, 53(7), 419, (2015) DOI: 10.1119/1.4931011

"Report and Recommendations on Multimedia Materials for Teaching and Learning Electricity and Magnetism," E. Dobowska, R. Girwidz, T. GreczyƂo, A. Kohnle, B. Mason, L. Mathelitsch, T. Melder, M. Michelini, I. Ruddock, and J. Silva, Eur. J. Phys., 34(3), L47, (2013) DOI: 10.1088/0143-0807/34/3/L47

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"Open Source and Open Access Resources for Quantum Physics Education," Mario Belloni, Wolfgang Christian, Bruce Mason, J. Chem. Ed., 86, 125, (2009) ADS: 2009JChEd..86..125B

"Digital Libraries in Support of Science Education: A Case for Computational Physics," Bruce Mason, Comp. in Sci. & Eng., 8, 62, (2006)