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Nathan Kaib

Associate Professor

Nathan Kaib
NSF Career Award
Presidential Professorship
B.S. 2002 Case Western Reserve University
Ph.D. 2010 University of Washington
Ph: (405) 325-7064
Office: 327 Nielsen Hall



My research focuses on the formation and evolution of planetary systems, those of both our Sun and other stars. In our own solar system I'm interested in how the orbital distribution of icy bodies beyond Neptune can constrain the presence of a distant, undiscovered planet as well as the degree that the Sun has migrated within the Milky Way during its lifetime. In addition, I have been studying how the giant planets orbits have evolved over the history of the solar system and how this has affected the long-term stability of the inner terrestrial planets and the architecture of the Kuiper belt. Finally, I have recently been using simulations of terrestrial planet formation to determine the probability that the proto-Earth and the Moon-forming impactor (Theia) were isotopically identical. (The Moon and Earth have virtually identical oxygen isotope compositions.)

As far as exoplanetary systems are concerned, I have a strong interest in how the presence of a binary stellar companion can affect the formation and evolution of planets. Counterintuitively, I have shown that the most distantly orbiting stellar companions can have dramatic effects on planetary systems, causing violent instabilities billions of years after the planetary systems have formed. In addition, these same violent instabilities may occur within tighter binaries while they still reside within their stellar birth cluster, and I am actively investigating this process.



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