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David Branch

George Lynn Cross Research Professor, Emeritus

David Branch
Presidential Professorship
Humboldt Prize
George Lynn Cross Research Professorship
B.S. 1964 Rensselaer
Ph.D. 1969 Maryland
Ph: (405) 325-6222
Office: 210 Nielsen Hall
I am working on the interpretation of the spectroscopic, photometric and statistical properties of supernovae. One goal is to learn how to infer the physical conditions of the ejected matter - the temperature, density, velocity, chemical composition, and mass. By comparing this information with the predictions of theoretical explosion models, we try to find out which kinds of stars produce the various observed supernova types and how they explode. A related goal is to use supernovae as distance indicators, to measure the expansion history of the universe.
"Comparative Direct Analysis of Type Ia Supernova Spectra. V. Insights from a Larger Sample and Quantitative Subclassification," D. Branch, L. C. Dang, and E. Baron, PASP, 121, 238, (2009) ADS: 2009PASP..121..238B
"Comparative Direct Analysis of Type Ia Supernova Spectra. IV. Postmaximum," D. Branch, D. J. Jeffery, J. Parrent, E. Baron, M. A. Troxel, V. Stanishev, M. Keithley, J. Harrison, and C. Bruner, PASP, 120, 135, (2008) ADS: 2008PASP..120..135B
"Comparative Direct Analysis of Type Ia Supernova Spectra. III. Premaximum," D. Branch, M. A. Troxel, D. J. Jeffery, K. Hatano, M. Musco, J. Parrent, E. Baron, L. C. Dang, D. Casebeer, N. Hall, and W. Ketchum, PASP, 119, 709, (2007) ADS: 2007PASP..119..709B
"Comparative Direct Analysis of Supernova Spectra. II. Maximum Light," D. Branch, L. C. Dang, N. Hall, W. Ketchum, M. Melakayil, J. Parrent, M. A. Troxel, D. Casebeer, D. J. Jeffery, and E. Baron, PASP, 118, 560, (2006) ADS: 2006PASP..118..560B
"Comparative Direct Analysis of Type Ia Supernova Spectra: I. SN 1994D," D. Branch, E. Baron, N. Hall, M. Melakayil, and J. Parrent, PASP, 117, 545, (2005) ADS: 2005PASP..117..545B