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Atomic, Molecular, & Optical Physics Journal Club

Atomic, Molecular, & Optical Physics
Journal Club

The Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Journal Club is a weekly meeting to discuss recently published papers and our own research. Graduate students who are members of the AMO group at OU are expected to participate.

Journal Club meetings are held during the Fall and Spring semesters on Tuesdays from 9:00 - 10:00 am in Lin Hall Room 105. Coffee and bagels will be provided.

If you participate in AMO Journal Club, please start thinking about which paper you would like to present and when. Use the link below to view the sign-up sheet and choose presentation dates and papers.


If you have any questions, please contact Arne Schwettmann at To be added to (or removed from) the mailing list, send an email with subject "add" (or "remove").

Spring 2024

P. Feldmann, F. Anders, A. Idel, C. Schubert, D. Schlippert, L. Santos, E. M. Rasel, and C. Klempt, "Optimal squeezing for high-precision atom interferometers"

J. Trautmann, D. Yankelev, V. Klüsener, A. J. Park, I. Bloch, and S. Blatt, "The 1S0-3P2 magnetic quadrupole transition in neutral strontium"

G. Unnikrishnan, P. Ilzhöfer, A. Scholz, C. Hölzl, A. Götzelmann, R. K. Gupta, J. Zhao, J. Krauter, S. Weber, N. Makki, H. P. Büchler, T. Pfau, and F. Meinert, "Coherent Control of the Fine-Structure Qubit in a Single Alkaline-Earth Atom"

S. Pucher, V. Klü̈sener, F. Spriestersbach, J. Geiger, A. Schindewolf, I. Bloch, and S. Blatt, "Fine-Structure Qubit Encoded in Metastable Strontium Trapped in an Optical Lattice"

Seminar Presentation: "Exploiting nonclassical motion of a trapped ion crystal for quantum-enhanced metrology of global and differential spin rotations"

Karol Gietka, Ayaka Usui, Jianqiao Deng, and Thomas Busch, "Simulating the Same Physics with Two Distinct Hamiltonians"

Arman Duha and Thomas Bilitewski, "Two-mode squeezing in Floquet engineered power-law interacting spin models"

"Quantum Scars and Regular Eigenstates in a Chaotic Spinor Condensate"

Sooshin Kim, Alexander Lukin, Matthew Rispoli, M. Eric Tai, Adam M. Kaufman, Perrin Segura, Yanfei Li, Joyce Kwan, Julian Léonard, Brice Bakkali-Hassani, Markus Greiner, "Adiabatic State Preparation in a Quantum Ising Spin Chain"

Fall 2023

A. Béguin, T. Rodzinka, L. Calmels, B. Allard, and A. Gauguet, “Atom interferometry with coherent enhancement of Bragg pulse sequences,” arXiv:2305.09507 [physics.atom-ph]

Sandra Brandstetter, Philipp Lunt, Carl Heintze, Giuliano Giacalone, Lars H. Heyen, Maciej Gałka, Keerthan Subramanian, Marvin Holten, Philipp M. Preiss, Stefan Floerchinger, Selim Jochim, "Emergent hydrodynamic behaviour of few strongly interacting fermions"

Julian F. Wienand, Simon Karch, Alexander Impertro, Christian Schweizer, Ewan McCulloch, Romain Vasseur, Sarang Gopalakrishnan, Monika Aidelsburger, Immanuel Bloch, “Emergence of fluctuating hydrodynamics in chaotic quantum systems”

Zhiyao Hu, Qixian Li, Xuanchen Zhang, He-bin Zhang, Long-Gang Huang, and Yong-Chun Liu, “Nonlinear Time-Reversal Interferometry with Arbitrary Quadratic Collective-Spin Interaction”

B. Ravon et al., “Array of Individual Circular Rydberg Atoms Trapped in Optical Tweezers”

L. Zhang et al., “Photon-photon interactions in Rydberg-atom arrays”

Nikolaos E. Palaiodimopoulos, Simon Ohler, Michael Fleischhauer, David Petrosyan, “A chiral quantum router with Rydberg atoms”

P. Kitson et al., “Rydberg atomtronic devices”

K. Biswas et al., “Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT) aided cooling of Strontium atoms”

L. Gotta et al., “Asymptotic Quantum Many-Body Scars”