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Colloquium Schedule - Spring 2021

Thursdays - 3:45 pm in Nielsen Hall 170.

Coffee and cookies are served at 3:15 pm in the Nielsen Hall Atrium.

The Physics and Astronomy colloquium is a forum for invited scientists to present modern research in a fashion accessible to those with a background in physics, but who are not experts in the field. Talks are aimed at a graduate level.

If you have questions about our colloquia, please contact Bruno Uchoa at

Jan 26 (**Tuesday**)
Denis Sukachev (Calgary)
Host: Santos
Interfaces between color centers and photons
Feb 02 (**Tuesday**)Xuefeng Jiang (CUNY)
Host: Santos
Whispering Gallery Mode Microresonator: from Quantum Chaos to Non-Hermitian Physics
Feb 04
Jonathan Feng (UCI)
Host: Stupak
Faster, Smaller, Cheaper: Looking Forward to New Discoveries at the LHC
Feb 11
Renee Horton
Host: Blume
The Pain of Exclusion and the Intersection of Diversity and Inclusion
Feb 18Ekta Patel (UC Berkeley)
Host: Munshi
Dynamics of Local Group Satellite Galaxies in the Era of Precision Astrometry
Feb 25
Katie Breivik (Flatiron/CCA)
Host: Kilic 
Black hole formation: a multi-wavelength, multi-messenger puzzle
Mar 04
Klaus Molmer
Host: Lewis-Swan
Wave function collapse, quantum jumps and Schrödinger’s Ichtyosauria
Mar 18

Katelin Schutz (MIT/McGill)
Host: Munshi/Sinha
Making dark matter out of light
Mar 25
Sezen Sekmen (Kyungpook National University, Republic of Korea)
Host: Baer
Results from and future prospects for LHC
Apr 01

A.H. MacDonald (UT Austin)
Host: Mullen
Moire Magic
Apr 08Jun Ye (JILA/NIST)
Host: Blume
Clock, quantum matter, and fundamental physics
Apr 15Monika Schleier-Smith (Stanford)Choreographing Quantum Spin Dynamics with Light
Apr 22Amy V. Walker (UT Dallas)Building a New Materials Toolkit: Using Surface Chemistry to Direct the Morphology and Deposition of Thin Films and Nanoobjects
Apr 29Greg Mosby (Goddard)Recovering galaxy star formation histories and analyzing near-infrared detectors using machine learning

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