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AMO Journal Club - Fall 2022

Time and place:

Tuesdays, 9:00 am - 10:00 am, in Lin Hall 105, in person

Coffee and Bagels will be provided

If you participate in AMO Journal club, please start thinking about which paper you would like to present and when. We have a sign-up sheet online to pick presentation dates and papers.

Schedule and sign up sheet:

Mailing list:

If you want to be added to the mailing list, just send an email to me with subject “add” (or “remove,” if you have been receiving emails from me during Spring 2022 semester and want to be dropped from the list).

Contact: Arne Schwettmann,



Shan Zhong

Nonlinear Interferometry beyond classical limit facilitated by cyclic dynamics


Jugal Talukdar

Generating multi-excitation subradiant states in incoherently excited atomic arrays


Bala (Balakrishnan Viswanathan)

Observing Quantum Synchronization of a Single Trapped-Ion Qubit


Hio Giap Ooi

Atom interferometry with quantized light pulses


Dave Hill

Subradiant edge states in an atom chain with waveguide-mediated hopping


Yicheng Zhang

Resonant dynamics of strongly interacting SU(n) fermionic atoms in a synthetic flux ladder


Kevin Mack-Fisher 

Spatially programmable spin interactions in neutral atom arrays


Sakshi Bahamnia 

Effective spin-spin interactions in bilayers of Rydberg atoms and polar molecules


Juan Zuñiga

Quench dynamics in the Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard and Dicke models


Tim Woodworth

Demonstrating two-qubit entangling gates at the quantum speed limit using superconducting qubits

Bonus: Background Review


Umang Jain

Improving Sensitivity of an Amplitude-Modulated Magneto-Optical Atomic Magnetometer using Squeezed Light


Sankalp Prajapati

Three-level ion optical clocks

Current Semester's Schedule

See also our archive of all past events