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Astrophysics Program

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Graduate Studies - Courses & Timeline

PhD Physics (Astrophysics)

August Qualifiers

Free attempts on any exam.

Fall semester of first year

PHYS 5013 Math Methods
PHYS 5153 Classical Mechanics
ASTR 4303 Stellar Astrophysics or other ASTR course
PHYS 5001 Intro to Graduate Research

January Qualifiers

Free attempt on any exam not yet taken.

Spring Semester of first year

PHYS 5163 Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 5573 Electrodynamics I
ASTR graduate elective

August Qualfiers

Required to take CSM and EM exams

Fall semester of second year

PHYS 5583 Electrodynamics II
PHYS 5393 Quantum Mechanics I
ASTR Graduate elective

January Qualifiers

Required to take any two exams

Spring semester of second year

PHYS 5403 Quantum Mechanics II
ASTR Graduate elective
ASTR Graduate elective

August Qualifiers

Must have attempted all exams once (including Astrophysics Exam)

Fall & Spring semesters of third year

Student must complete General Exam for candidacy (a.k.a. “Specialist Exam”) before the first semester of their fourth year.

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