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Welcome to the Student Resource Pages, your one-stop-shop for the important information that you will need during your graduate career here at OU.

This webpage is maintained by GPSI and is updated regularly to provide you with the most accurate information available about being a graduate student in the OU Department of Physics and Astronomy. For time-sensitive information and information on upcoming events please check out our Facebook page

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the GPSI officers

Below are some quick links to useful pages:

  • Important Forms contains links to graduate forms and applications required by the graduate college for taking your specialist exam, defending your thesis, etc.
  • Dates and Deadlines will be updated each semester and contains the dates for when certain forms and documents need to be submitted to either the faculty or the Graduate College in order to be processed on time.
  • International Forms contains links to necessary forms and applications for international students, mainly regarding identification information and tax-related forms. This link is hosted by International Student Services so they are your primary contacts if there are any forms or if there is any information you need that is not available at the previous link. You can find several other useful links from their main webpage.
  • Housing provides general information about various housing options while here at OU and their accessibility to and from campus for off-campus housing options.
  • Parking provides concise, summarized information about where you can park on campus and what the costs are. More detailed information about parking at OU can be found on the Parking Services website.
  • Newbies provides relevant information for incoming students to the graduate department and include information such as where to find important weather information, where to get the proper identification and licensing, etc.
  • For a list of the current GPSI officers, or to contact an individual officer directly, please see the list of

     current G-PSI Officers