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JuSt Lunch Brown Bag Lecture Series

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JuSt Lunch Brown Bag Lecture Series

First Wednesday of the Month at Noon

Events for Spring 2022 with vary in F2F/Virtual format, as noted in the listing. Email for info.


JuSt Lunch: “Prologue to Annihilation: Ordinary American and British Jews Challenge the Third Reich” with Stephen H. Norwood

Noon via Zoom. Email for Zoom info.


JuSt Lunch: “The Imaginary Jew in Brazil/Brazilian Politics” with Misha Klein

Noon | OMU Scholars Room


JuSt Lunch: “Homer and the Bible” with Jacob Howland

Noon | OMU Scholars Room


JuSt Lunch: “Water sustainability in Israel: a model for the south-central US?” with Tom Neeson

Noon | OMU Scholars Room

Many of our JuSt Lunch speakers have graciously allowed their lectures to be recorded. These are archived on the Schusterman Center's YouTube channel. Click below to view a lecture. ___________________________________________________________

March 2022 | Misha Klein - “Deciphering ‘Durban’: Alternative Perspectives on the World Conference Against Racism, a view from Brazil”

February 2022 | Stephen H. Norwood - "Prologue to Annihilation: Ordinary American and British Jews Challenge the Third Reich"

December 2021 | Karin Schutjer - "Jew in the Thorn: Antisemitism, Fairy Tales & the Brothers Grim" 

November 2021 | Hadas Cohen - "Loyalty, Belonging and Treason: Questions of Israeli National Identity"

October 2021 | Alan Levenson - "The Cosmopolitan Jewish City"

September 2021 | Karlos K. Hill and Barry Roseman - "A Collaboration Between Scholarship and Design, The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre: A Photographic History"

May 2021 | Ronnie Grinberg - "Midge and Norman: The First Couple of American Neoconservatism"

Apr 2021 | Lindsay Katzir - "Ghosts of Dickens’s Past: the Death of Judaism in Oliver Twist and Our Mutual Friend"

Mar 2021 | Lisa Wolfe - "Qoheleth for Feminists: Where are the Women Hiding in Ecclesiastes?"

Feb 2021 | Robert Lemon - "A Bug in the System: Rituals, Reproduction, Revulsion, and Revolution in Kafka's Metamorphosis."

Dec 2020 | David Levy - "More than JuSt Lunch: Celebrating 25 Years of Judaic and Israel Studies at OU"

Nov 2020 Kaleigh Bangor - "Hannah Arendt on Antisemitism"

Sep 2020 | Alan Levenson: "The Jefferson Bible: Enlightenment Oddity, American Artifact"

Mar 2020 | Rhona Seidelman: "Under Quarantine: Immigrants at Israel's Gate"

Dec 2019 | Tyson Putthoff: "Human Nature in the Hebrew Bible"

Oct 2019 | Simona Di Nepi: "The Visual Presentation of the Dreyfus Affair"

May 2019 | Alan Levenson: "'Biblical' Nations? Foundational Fantasies in Israel and the US"

Apr 2019 | Nina E. Livesey: "Learning from Rhetoric in the Study of Paul"

Dec 2018 | Brandon Katzir: "Figures of the Jews in Melville's Clarel"

Nov 2018 | Andrew Porwancher: "Theodore Roosevelt and the Jews"

Feb 2018 | Carsten Schapkow: "Max Nordau: Early Zionism and the Sephardic Mystic"

Dec 2017 Rhona Seidelman: "Negotiating Israeli Memory: The Legacy of Professor Michael Feige"

Sep 2017 | David Levy: "Mark Twain and the Jews"

May 2017 | Daniel Snell: "The Religion of Israel in the Ancient Near East"

Dec 2016 Yael Lavender-Smith: "Fictionalized Identities: Transformations-Uriel da Costa & Don Quixote"

Sep 2016 | Alan Levenson: "The Brothers' Hatred of Joseph & Other Challenges of Bible Reading"

Apr 2016 | Walker Robins: "Was Harry Truman a Christian Zionist?"

Sep 2015 | Alan Levenson: "Jewish Mad Men"