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Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ

I am a graduate student.  How do I apply to the HR program?

You will need to fill out an application with OU Admission and Records.  

Click the links for additional instructions to apply to the Norman, Tulsa and AP programs.

Do I have to activate my OU email?

Yes.  All email correspondence from Human Relations will be sent to your OU email address.  Go here to activate your account.  

How will I know when I have been admitted?

You will receive a decision letter and welcome letter from Admissions through the email account listed on your application.

I have just been admitted and I have an advising stop on my record.  How can I have that cleared?

It is most likely an error.  You do not need to be advised to enroll as a graduate student.  Please contact Enrollment to have that removed. Enrollment Services can be found here.  (Norman and Tulsa Students Only)

Do my references have to be from professors?

No.  If you graduated from college recently or are still in college, one or two should be from professors.  The letters should attest to your ability to do graduate coursework.  Students have also obtained letters from such people as an employer or former employer, someone who has supervised your volunteer work, or a coach who can attest to your work ethic.

Can my letters and other materials be emailed?

Yes, they can be emailed to Christy Burt at They can also be faxed to the department at 405-325-4402.  Your resume biographical statement, and recommendation letters can be attached to the application.  They should be addressed to "To Whom It May Concern."

Am I required to be enrolled to take the Comprehensive Exam?

Yes.  You have to be enrolled in at least two hours of graduate coursework at the University of Oklahoma to qualify to take your exam.  You will not be allowed to start your exam until you are enrolled and your exam will be invalided if you drop the hours.  Students often enroll in a directed reading, internship hours, or a weekend class that does not meet during the month that they are taking their exam so they have time to focus on their exam.

Does the enrollment need to be in a Human Relations course?

No.  It does, however, have to be in an OU graduate course.

What happens if I have to take an incomplete for the required enrollment?

It will not impact your exam.  If, however, those hours are required for your degree, it will delay your graduation.

Does Internship enrollment count as the required enrollment for the comps?  Yes.

Do I need to complete my core classes before I take my comps?  Yes.

Taking the Exam

Can I use the same reference in both essays if I am taking comprehensive exam Option 1?

Yes.  The  number of references is per question and you can use the same one for both questions if it is relevant.

Do I have to quote every reference that I select?

No.  In fact, you do not have to use quotes at all.  You do have to have at least one citation to each reference in the body of your paper to count as one of your references.  You should not have a reference on your list that you have not used in the paper.

Why do I have to limit quotations?

The comprehensive exam is a test of your knowledge of the field, your ability to engage in critical thinking, and of your ability to write at the graduate level.  If your paper is full of other people's words, we cannot accurately gauge your knowledge or writing ability.  Therefore, you will fail the exam.  Brief quotations should only be used to support your arguments and should be used sparingly.

Can I write in first person perspective?

Yes.  In fact, on Option 2 (Internship Options), you must do so.  You cannot talk about your experiences without using the word "I", so please do not try to do so by using "one" or other words instead.  In Option 2, you can also use the word "I" when asked for your opinion in a question or to incorporate your experiences into an answer.

What are the requirements to be eligible for Option 2 (Internship application paper) for my comprehensive exams?

  • For the 36 hours Master of Human Relations (MHR) Program you must successfully complete at three credit hours (225 clock hours) the semester prior to receiving the comps.
  • For the 60 hours Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) Program you must successfully complete six credit hours (450 clock hours) the semester prior to receiving the comps.  Click here for our CMHC

For Option 2 (internship application paper), can I write my comps over FEMA?

No, you will have to choose the internship you did in person.

What if I fail Option 2 (internship application paper)? 

If you fail Option 2 you will not have the opportunity to retake your comps and choose Option 2.  You will have only Option 1 for your comps. 

What if I fail my comps twice?

You only have two attempts for the comps, regardless of the options chosen, and a second failure will result in a permanent enrollment stop.


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Can transfer credits over five years of age be used?

No. This is against University policy.  For more information regarding the time limit for completion of the master’s degree, consult the Graduate College Bulletin  7.1.2 Transfer Credit Applied to the Master's Degree.

Can I use transfer credits taken before I was admitted?

Yes. As long as you were a full admit and the transfer credits are not over five year of age at the time of admission, readmission, or at the time of graduation.

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How long do I have to complete the masters degree?

All masters degree-seeking student in the Department of Human Relations, must complete all degree requirements within five years of the first enrollment in any graduate-level OU course to be applied to the masters degree.  For more information regarding the time limit for completion of the masters degree, consult the Graduate College Bulletin 7.1.5 Time Limit for Completion of the Master' Degree and the Department of Human Relations Program Planner.

What if the OU graduate credits become over five years old while I am completing the degree?  

You may petition the HR Graduate Liaison for an extension for the masters degree completion. 

Once you are enrolled, you are allowed to have a maximum of nine credit hours of overage credits at the time of graduation. 

What if I have to reapply to the program and I have OU graduate credits that are over five years old?

You may petition the HR Graduate Liaison for graduate-level OU course that are over five years. If the petition is approved a maximum of nine credit hours can be applied toward the masters degree.

Note—Effective January 1, 2021:  At the time of admissions, readmissions or graduation, the HR Graduate Liaison will not approve any graduate-level OU course over seven years old to be applied toward the masters degree.

Who do I turn petitions in to for approval?

All petitions must be received by the student’s designated HR staff member (see Staff Page), who will then forward to the HR Graduate Liaison for review. If the HR Graduate Liaison supports your petition then the petition will be forward to the dean of the Graduate College for the final review.   The dean of the Graduate College will review the petition and send notification of approval/denial to all parties.

Notification will only be sent to the student’s OU email address. Please check your OU email regularly for important information from the University.


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There are currently no Undergraduate scholarships available.

Master of Human Relations Scholarship Applications are Available on ONE.

The Department of Human Relations awards three scholarships specifically for MHR students. They are the (1) George Henderson Jr. Graduate Scholarship for students attending at the Norman Campus, (2) Jack Stout Scholarship for students attending at the Tulsa Campus, and (3) Linda Isaacs Memorial Scholarship for students attending at the Tulsa Campus.

These scholarships are applicable for students who are fully admitted to the University of Oklahoma Master of Human Relations program. Students must be in good academic standing and maintain a 3.0 GPA.

The College of Arts and Sciences also offers scholarship opportunities!

Special Recognition

Access the applications by clicking on the "Money" tab in ONE and finding the scholarship application link in the "Scholarship Information" box on the left side of the screen.

Scholarship applications MUST be completed electronically on ONE before the deadline in order to be considered for an award.

Any additional information may also be found on the College of Arts and Sciences website.

Links to Special Recognition Awards for HR Students

Human Relations Special Recognition Instructions

Human Relations Special Recognition Application

All nomination forms must be electronically emailed to Dr. Brenda Lloyd-Jones

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Program FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: Requirements for licensure vary state-to-state. Our curriculum is approved by the Oklahoma Board of Behavioral Health Licensure to meet the educational requirements to apply for candidacy for licensure in the State of Oklahoma. If you plan to practice in another state, please check their board requirements.

1.     I am a graduate student. How do I apply for the Human Relations program?

You will need to fill out an application with OU Admission and Records. CLICK HERE

2.     How do I apply for the Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) concentration?

When applying, select the Master of Human Relations degree with the Clinical Health Counseling concentration – M200. 

3.     How many credit hours is the CMHC concentration?

This concentration is a 60-credit hour program. 

4.     Where can I find the Program of Study for the CMHC program?

You can locate the Program of Study on the Graduate College’s website CLICK HERE

5.     Where can I find the 2018 Board of Behavioral Health Licensing (BBHL) approved curriculum?

CLICK HERE or click under the board-approved coursework on the HR website under forms and deadlines for graduate students. In addition, students can confirm approved courses through the State Board’s website:

6.     Is there a student handbook?

Yes. The CMHC faculty are working to update these materials. They should be on our website soon.

7.     Will I have an orientation?

Yes. Each semester a virtual orientation will occur. The orientation will be recorded so those who cannot attend can access the information.

8.     Who is my Academic Advisor for CMHC?

The academic advisor for the CMHC for Norman main campus and OU Extended Campus (formerly Advanced Programs) is Dr. Chris Hennington. He can be reached via email at or by calling (405) 325-6510.  Tulsa students may contact Dr. Linda Barnum via email at or by calling (918) 660-3496.

9.     How many credit hours must be completed in the classroom?

You must complete at least 39 credit hours of classroom-based HR counseling classes. This does not include the six (6) hours of required internship hours. The remaining fifteen (15) hours may be completed HR courses in the classroom or online and may include up to nine (9) credit hours of Board of Behavioral Health Licensing (BBHL) approved transfer credits. See #22 below regarding transfer credits.

10.  I am currently a standard Master of Human Relations student.  How do I change to the CMHC concentration?

You must complete an Addition or Change of Program (ACOP) application through the Graduate College. There is no fee to submit this application and you will not need to submit supplemental materials (statement of goals, resume, letters of recommendation, or transcript).

We have inserted a link to the step-by-step guidelines. Click Here

11.  Who is the Faculty Advisor for Practicum and Internship?

Dr. Gerald Pennie is the Faculty Advisor for all CMHC internships.  He may be reached at

12.  When can I take practicum for the CMHC?

Students beginning their program Fall, 2022 or before will take practicum prior to internship. We anticipate requiring prerequisite courses prior to practicum. These changes should become effective for students who begin their program Spring, 2023 and beyond.

13.  What are the requirements for the Practicum for the CMHC?

Students must complete 100 hours (3 credit hours) of practicum. Of those, at least 40 hours must be direct contact. These 40 hours may include individuals, couples, families, co- facilitation, psychoeducation, assessment, or groups

Students who began their programs Fall 2021, Spring 2022, or Summer 2022 may opt to forgo practicum and take Current Problems instead. You will petition through the graduate college if you want this option. The CMHC faculty strongly encourage you to take practicum as it involves improving your counseling skills and experiencing more hours working with clients.

14.  What are the requirements for the internship for the CMHC?

You must successfully complete all six (6) credit hours of internship in a counseling agency under a licensed mental health professional. Internship hours cannot be started until the semester following successful completion of at least 45 credit hours to include all Core Requirements (nine hours), all Required Counseling courses less internship hours (18 hours), and a minimum of 18 hours of electives. Prior approval of the desired agency is required. Core and Required courses are outlined on your program of study.

Your internship hours must be completed in a counseling setting under a licensed mental health counselor. At least 100 hours must be DIRECT contact hours. These 100 hours may include individuals, couples, families, co- facilitation, psychoeducation, assessment, or groups.

A licensed mental health counselor such as an LPC, psychiatrist, MSW, psychologist, LMFT or LADC will be sufficient. However, during your 3,000 hours of supervision once you are an LPC-Candidate, you must have a board approved LPC Supervisor.

15.  Is approval for the desired agency required prior to beginning my Practicum and Internship?

Yes. If the agency is not on the approved agency list, you MUST submit the Internship Site Information form (Click Here) to Dr. Gerald Pennie (  All agencies must be approved by Dr. Pennie prior to submission of the internship packet. Currently Approved Sites - Click Here (6/2022)          

16.  Do I need to have insurance during my practicum and internship?

Yes. Student insurance is a requirement in working with clients. Students have several options for insurance. Most students go through the American Counseling Association’s insurance. The ACA partners with HPSO and can be found at

17.  If I have completed Introduction to Graduate Studies, will it count toward the CMHC?

No.  As of July 31, 2018, the BBHL will no longer accept this course as part of the approved 2018 curriculum.

18.  Will I be required to take the comprehensive (comps) exam?

Yes, but the content of the exam will vary based on your program start date.

If you began your program prior to Fall, 2022, you will be eligible to take your comprehensive exam the semester following the successful completion of at least 51 credit hours, including all Core Requirements (nine hours), Required Counseling courses (24 hours including the required six (6) hours of Internship), and at least 27 hours of counseling electives. Note: Incomplete grades will not qualify for comps. Your comprehensive exam will be a written paper about your internship experience.

If you began your program Fall, 2022 or after, you will be eligible to take the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE) in your final semester along with your final hours of internship (internship 2). The CPCE is an exam like the required National Counseling Examination students will take upon graduating and applying to the board. The CPCE contains eight sections with 20 multiple-choice questions in each section, for a total of 160 questions. Some of your indirect internship hours can be spent preparing for this exam.

19.  Can I complete Option 1 (2-question format) or Option 2 (Internship Application) for comps?

All CMHC students who began their program prior to Fall, 2022 are required to complete Option 2, which is the Internship Application paper.

All CMHC students who began their program Fall, 2022 and beyond will be required to take the CPCE (see #18).

20.  What if I fail my comprehensive exam?

For students who began the program prior to Fall, 2022: If you fail your first attempt of the comprehensive exam (Option 2) you will be allowed one more attempt. 

For students who began the program Fall, 2022 or beyond: you will be given a second attempt at the CPCE. If you fail again, a third attempt can occur after completing a review course and practice exam.

21.  When I have met the requirements to qualify for the comprehensive exam, who do I submit my CMHC Program of Study to?

The submission of the Program of Study to apply for the comprehensive exam for the CMHC concentration must be submitted to your Graduate Coordinator, Christy Burt at

22.  I have transfer credits. Can I use them towards the CMHC?

You may be eligible to bring up to nine (9) credit hours of transfer credits. You should check the Oklahoma Board of Behavioral Health to ensure your program and course(s) are listed as approved on their website. CLICK HERE or visit and find your prior university under “Academic Requirements”.

For out-of-state transfer credits, the student should contact the university where the courses were taken to determine if the transfer credits have BBHL approval. Transfer credits will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis by Dr. Katie Allen.

23.  I am required to take the Graduate Research and Writing course. Will that course count towards my CMHC?

If you were admitted provisionally, you must complete the course. The Graduate Research and Writing is an admissions requirement and will not count towards the CMHC concentration. You will be taking a total of 63 hours for degree completion.

24.  Can I complete the thesis option under the CMHC?

No. Students seeking the CMHC concentration are not eligible for the thesis option. 

25.  Can I complete additional certifications in addition to the CMHC though Human Relations?

The Department of Human Relations only offers classes that will count towards the LPC (Licensed Professional Counseling) certification for the State of Oklahoma. For additional certifications beyond the LPC (e.g., Registered play therapist, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, Registered art therapist, etc.), students can seek out other programs and workshops after graduation.

26.  I have completed my 60-hour program. What now?

Your next steps are to graduate and wait for an official transcript confirming your graduation. Then, you will apply to the State Board of Behavioral Health. The application can be found on their website:

Once application is made and approved, students will have two years to successfully pass the National Counseling Examination (NCE) and the Oklahoma Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Examination (OLERE).

NOTE: For students applying outside of Oklahoma, please check with your state board  as requirements change based on your state of application.

27.  I have completed my degree requirements and am applying the BBHL for licensure. I need an official transcript.  Where can I obtain my transcript? 

You can seek an official transcript from the Records Office. Click Here for link to obtain your transcript. Official transcripts with your degree posted will be available 45-60 days after the end of the semester you graduate. The BBHL will not accept unofficial transcripts.

28.  I have completed my degree requirements and am applying the BBHL for licensure. I need an official transcript, but my degree is not posted yet.  Can you use a Letter of Completion to apply to the BBHL?

No. The BBHL requires an official transcript with the degree posted. Official transcripts with your degree posted will be available 45-60 days after the end of the semester you graduate.

Human Resources Concentration

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Why should I consider the Human Resources Concentration?

a.      We believe the Human Resources Concentration (HRC) will educate students in Human Resources (HR), assist in preparing students for HR careers, and/or assist in developing students who profess an interest in scholarly production. Whether you are totally new to HR and desire foundational HR knowledge or you are already a seasoned HR professional looking for additional education to combine with your experience and certifications to take your career to the next level, the HR concentration is designed for you!

Developed with practicality in mind, the HR concentration not only focuses on assisting students in acquiring a thorough knowledge and understanding of HR, but also on fostering a learning experience that promotes critical application of the acquired knowledge to real HR scenarios. To this purpose, all of our faculty have significant, real world HR experience. Taken together, we believe this holistic approach will uniquely position students to readily enter or progress within the HR workforce with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to contribute meaningfully to organizations.

A detailed explanation of the program’s value can be found here.

2.      What kind of jobs can I expect after graduating the program?

a.      While we make no guarantees regarding job prospects, we believe engaged students will be prepared to secure early career level positions. Examples of these may include HR Generalist, HR Business Partner, Compensation Specialist, Talent Acquisition Specialist. It should be noted; all organizations classify jobs differently. As a result, the jobs listed above will be viewed differently according to the organization leading to higher or lower varying ranks in organizational job families. Also, job titles are worded differently from organization to organization. For example, specialist may often be substituted with Analyst or Technician.

3.      How many hours does the Human Resources Concentration require for graduation?

a.      36 hours!

4.      What courses am I required to take?

a.      Students are required to take 6 hours of Human Relations core coursework; 21 hours of Human Resources Concentration coursework; 3 hours of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion coursework; and 6 hours of Research and Application (e.g., electives, internship, capstone).

A detailed list of courses can be found on the Degree Requirement Checklist.

5.      What electives can I take for the Human Resources Concentration?

a.      Approved electives can be found here.

6.      What courses satisfy the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion requirement?

a.      Approved Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion courses can be found here.

7.      What is the Research and Application portion of the program?

a.      The Research and Application portion of the program is designed to present a culminating experience for students as they approach completion of their program. Specifically, the hope is that the research and application portion of the program provides an opportunity for students to explore further the ideas and practices examined in their HRC coursework and to demonstrate synthesis and comprehension of those ideas and practices.

8.      What is the Capstone Project?

a.      The Capstone Project is one of the three Research and Application options (along with the thesis and comprehensive exams) you have. Information regarding the HRC Capstone can be found in the Human Relations office.    

9.      How do I find and secure an internship?

a.      Securing internships are the responsibility of students. And, while Human Relations does not currently have the ability to directly place students in internships, we are aware of a number of internship opportunities. Thus, students are encouraged to consult with their advisors and instructors regarding potential opportunities. Students interested in internships should begin their search early. Finally, students are strongly encouraged to become familiar with the internship packet as it outlines important info regarding internship policies and deadlines.

10.   Am I required to do an internship?

a.      No. We do encourage students to seek and secure a meaningful internship. However, students are not required to complete an internship to graduate.

11.   What do I need to do to stay on track and graduate?

·       Read the Human Relations Program Planner;

·       Become familiar with the Human Relations website;

·       Note the important program deadlines;

·       Start completing your Program of Study (POS) early and review regularly;

·       Submit your POS by the deadline;

·       Become familiar with any College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate College, and/or University policies and deadlines regarding graduation;

·       Consult with your advisor and HR staff regarding your POS as early as possible regarding any questions or concerns.

12.   What is the Program of Study?

a.      The Program of Study is your official program of graduate work and is a part of your permanent student file. Your POS must be submitted prior to comprehensive examination, thesis, or capstone. Additional information regarding the POS can be found here.

13.   When do I have to turn in my Program of Study?

a.      The current POS submission deadlines can be found here. Students should review the POS deadlines regularly as deadlines can change.

14.   Are courses offered online?

a.      Yes, some of the courses required for the HRC are offered online. However, the program is not an online degree. As such, not all courses are offered online. Students should consult the course schedules to view which courses are offered online.  

15.   How do I apply for admission?

a.      Admission procedures can be found here. In following the link, be sure to view “Graduate Admission”.

16.   I am a current Human Relations student not in the Human Resources Concentration, how do I change to the Human Resources Concentration?

a.      Do a Change of Program with the Graduate College. You will want to start here Select the option that states you want to change your concentration. When it asks you for your concentration, pick Human Resource Development if Human Resources is not available. It is the same thing. However, for some reason the wording is incorrect. We are working on getting that corrected. The code you want is Q326. As long as you choose that you should be good to go. 

If you have not already declared your concentration, that changes things a bit and there is an additional step. Let me know if that is the case.    

17.   Can I do the Human Resources Concentration (HRC) and the Human Resource Development and Workforce Diversity Certificate?

a.      Absolutely… Both HR 5143 Human Resources for the Human Relations Professional is and HR 5833 Human Resource Development are required for both the HRC and Certificate. HR 5053 Diversity and Justice in Organizations is the recommended Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion course for the HRC and required for the certificate. Further, HR 5323 Organizational Behavior, which is required for the certificate, is an approved elective for the HRC. Thus, nine of the required nine hours for the Certificate are directly applicable to the HRC. And, the final elective required for the certificate may also be applicable to the HRC. Thus, scenarios exist where students can complete both the HRC and the Certificate without taking an abundance of “extra” hours.

**Students planning to do both should work closely with their advisor regarding applicability of courses.



The information provided above represents the most up to date information. Of course, information changes. In these instances, we will do our best to update any changes in a timely fashion. In addition to these questions, students are strongly encouraged to read the Human Relations Program Planner and familiarize themselves with the Human Relations website, HRC Program of Study, HRC Degree Requirement sheet, and program deadlines. All contain critically important information (e.g., deadlines, comprehensive exams, etc.) regarding the program.


For questions or concerns regarding the information provided herein, feel free to contact the Human Relations office at 325-1756 and/or Eric Sourie at 325-7052 or

  1. Grandfather Rate Policy for Extended Campus (North America and Europe) students 
    Extended Campus (North America and Europe) students admitted to the Norman site location prior to 7/1/2018 and transferred to the HR Weekend Program on main campus and enroll in an HR WEEKEND PROGRAM course will receive the current rate of $330 per credit hour rate.  This rate is subject to change as determined by the OU Provost office.
  2. I was admitted through the Extended Campus (North America and Europe) prior to 7/1/2018 and I enrolled in a standard 16 week format.  Will I be charged at the main campus rate or Extended Campus (North America and Europe) rate? Will this include courses for the certificates? 
    Any HR WEEKEND PROGRAM or Extended Campus (North America and Europe) student who elects to enroll in a standard main campus course to include the standard 16 week, 8 week or online format will be charged the current main campus rates and fees per guidelines established prior to the implementation of the HR Weekend Program.   
  3. How long will all Extended Campus (North America and Europe) students be the grandfathered in at the HR Weekend Rate?   
    Only Extended Campus (North America and Europe) students transferred to the HR Weekend Program on OU main campus will receive the grandfather rate as detailed in #1 above until degree completion.  Students must maintain their active status.  If a student does not enroll for three (3) consecutive terms, they will determined to INACTIVE and dropped from the OU system and must reapply.  Students required to reapply after July 1, 2018, lose the grandfather status and will be readmitted at the main campus rates to include all fees for the remainder of their degree completion.
  4. How do I apply for the HR WEEKEND PROGRAM?
    After July 1, 2018, you will be required to apply to OU main campus (, Select College of Arts & Sciences and Human Relations as your degree program.
  5. Where will the HR WEEKEND PROGRAM classes be held?
    All HR WEEKEND PROGRAM classes will be held on the OU main campus in the Physical Sciences Center Click Here  and at the OU Health Sciences campus at the College of Allied Health Center. Click Here .  The College of Allied Health is building 63 on the map.
  6. When is the ADD/DROP deadline for the HR WEEKEND PROGRAM?
    You may drop a class up to the first date (first Friday) of the scheduled course.  You will need to contact OU Registration for assistance to drop before 5:00 pm at (405) 325-3572.  Have your OU NetID, course number and name available. Courses dropped the second day (first Saturday of class) or later will be charged at the full course cost.
  7. I am only enrolled in one class, but cannot drop it.  What do I do?
    Students are not allowed to drop the last class without permissions. Students should contact Registration at (405) 325-3572 for assistance.
  8. Why have class times changed on Sunday’s from 1:00 – 5:00 pm to 8:30 am – 5:30 pm?
    The time change is to comply with the in-seat time requirement of the Provost Office for the HR WEEKEND PROGRAM.  You may receive pre-course work due the first night of class and/or you may receive an assignment that may be due post-course.   
    Note: The Extended Campus (North America and Europe) course format for classes held through the College of Professional and Continuing Studies (PACS) at the various locations will remain unchanged.
  9. I use military Tuition Assistance (TA).
    A. How and where do I submit my TA form for the HR WEEKEND PROGRAM courses?
    HR WEEKEND PROGRAM students turn in their Tuition Assistance forms to the Bursar’s office for processing. (
    B. Who is responsible to insure TA forms are submitted?
    It is the student’s responsibility to turn in all Tuition Assistance forms to the Bursar’s Office for processing.
  10. I use Veteran Assistance (VA).  Where do I submit my courses for certification?
    HR WEEKEND PROGRAM students will coordinate with main campus VA office for course certification at or by calling (405) 325-4308.   Extended Campus students taking HR WEEKEND PROGRAM courses will coordinate with PACS VA office for certification at or by calling (405) 325-2249.  Please contact Ms. Gail Maucere for last names A-L and Charles Wantland for last names M-Z 
  11. I am a dual degree student through Extended Campus, but my MHR degree has been transferred to the HR WEEKEND PROGRAM on main campus.  How will this affect my VA Benefits?
    If you are utilizing VA benefits and you are a dual degree student, your campus designation MUST be through one campus only, either Extended Campus or main campus.  Your campus designation cannot be split with one degree program on the Extended Campus and one on main campus or VA will consider you enrolled at 2 separate campuses and will only pay for one campus.
  12. Internship Packet submission and Enrollment Permissions?
    A. Who grants internship enrollment permissions for students?
    Cathy Yeaman will grant permissions for the main campus HR WEEKEND PROGRAM students and Lawana Miller will grant permissions for main campus and HSC campus students.  Tulsa students must contact your Tulsa Academic Advisor.
    B. What are the internship deadlines? To begin? To end?
    HR WEEKEND PROGRAMs students will use the same submission and approval dates as main campus and HSC campus weekend students.  You may submit your internship packet up to one week prior to the beginning of the current term for main campus semester courses and turn in your final report no later than the end dead week (one week prior to the end of the term).  Please refer to the OU Academic Calendar.  Click Here
  13. When will the syllabi be posted for the HR WEEKEND PROGRAM courses?
    Syllabi for each course will be found in Canvas for each specific course a minimum of 45 days prior to the start date for each course.
  14. Will there be classes for the HR WEEKEND PROGRAM over spring break?
    All weekend classes to include HR WEEKEND PROGRAM classes are exempt from spring break.  Classes will be held during the spring break period.
  15. When will grades be posted?
    Grades will be posted in ONE ( no later than ten (10) calendar days after the last date of the course. You can look at your Unofficial Transcript for grades.
  16. Do I need to a purchase a parking permit for the HR WEEKEND PROGRAM courses?
    No.  Students enrolled in the HR WEEKEND PROGRAM courses held Friday evenings 5:30 – 9:30 pm and Saturdays and Sundays 8:30 am – 5:30 pm do not need to purchase a parking permit.  HR Weekend Program students are allowed free parking during class times at any marked OU parking area, excluding the North (Parrington) Oval.  During OU football home games, HR WEEKEND PROGRAM students will be directed to specific parking areas where they can park free.  IF YOU PARK in the Elm Avenue Parking Facility (across from the Physical Sciences Building) or any other non-specified parking area during OU football home games, you will be charged to park and the parking fee or ticket WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED.  Free parking is only applicable during scheduled HR WEEKEND PROGRAM course times.

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