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Graduate Students

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Biology Graduate Students

Afkhami, Mehrnaz

PhD student with Dr. JP Masly; BS & MS University of Tehran, Iran. Research interests include evolutionary genetics, male-female interactions.


Azom, Golam

Ph.D student with Dr. J.P. Masly. Research interests include evolutionary biology, developmental genetics, and molecular biology.


Bailey, Leigh

MS student with Dr. Alex Bentz; BS Truman State University, Missouri; Research interests include transgenerational behavioral plasticity and epigenetic programming in songbirds.


Bates, Caleb

MS student with Dr. Gary Wellborn, BS Univ. of Oklahoma; Research interests include community ecology and freshwater ecology.


Belskis, Alice

MS student with Dan Allen, BS from Stockton Univ. Research interests include benthic macroinvertebrates in intermittent streams.


Besozzi, Elizabeth

Alumni Fellow and PhD student with Dr. Michael Patten; BS Smith College; Research interests include exploring relative importance of top-down and bottom-up drivers of distribution, community ecology, biogeography and conservation.


Busch, Michelle

PhD student with Dr. Dan Allen; BS University of Michigan. Interested in how anthropogenic effects affect macroinvertebrate communities, hydrology, trophic level interactions and food webs.


Cimprich, Paula

PhD student with Dr. Jeffrey Kelly; BS Miami University, Ohio; Research interests include conservation biology, ornithology and ecology.


Cook, Katherine

NSF Graduate Research Fellow and PhD student with Dr. David Hambright; BS Baylor University; Research interests in include aquatic ecology, botany and water resource management.


Cruz, Marcos

PhD student. Research interests include phylogenetics, bioinformatics, genomics, molecular evolution and population genetics.


Duarte Ribeiro, Emanuell

PhD student with Dr. Ricardo Betancur; MS National Institute of Amazonian Research – Brazil; Research interests include understanding the evolutionary mechanisms that drove parallel radiations in marine percomorph clades using phylogenetic comparative approaches.


Eliades, Sam

Alumni Fellow and PhD student with Dr. Cameron Siler; BS North Carolina State University. Research interests include reptile systematics, phylogeography and conservation.


Franzen, Alex J.

PhD student with Dr. Caryn Vaughn. MS- Univ. of Minnesota. Research interests include community ecology, conservation genetics, evolutionary ecology of freshwater bivalves (unionoida), and freshwater ecosystems in general.


Fulton, Alex

MS student with Dr. Cameron Siler; BS University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; Research interests include reptile and amphibian conservation-based research with direct implications for imperiled species.


Glidewell, Dani

MS student with Dr. Dave Hambright, BS from Univ. of Oklahoma. Research interests include microcystins and their effects on freshwater systems.


Goodenough, Katharine

PhD student with Dr. Eli Bridge; BS Humboldt State University, MS San Diego State University; Research interests include ornithology, marine biology, tropical ecology and stable isotope applications in ecology.


Han, Donglin (Donny)

First year PhD student in Cellular and Behavioral Program. Doing rotations at Dr. Ashlee Rowe’s Lab and Dr. Michael Markham’s Lab. Interested in investigating sensory physiology and electricphysiology in animals, ion channels function and weekly electric fish.


Higgins, Ed

Alumni Fellow and PhD student with Dr. Caryn Vaughn; BS Boston University. Research interests include freshwater ecology, ecosystem services and genetics.


Kelley, Ethan

MS student with Dr. Katie Marske, BS- Univ. of Oklahoma. Research interests include entomology, biogeography, phylogeography, and chemical ecology.


Kirsch, Madelyn

Ph.D student with Dr. Cameron Siler. MS from Washington State University. Research interests are driven by a love of salamanders and evolutionary biology.


Kolbmann, Christina

PhD student with Dr. Jeff Kelly, MS Southeastern Louisiana University, Louisiana. Research interests include animal behavior, aeroecology, and computational biology.


Leri, Faith

PhD student with Dr. Laura Stein, MS Penn State University., Research interests include evolution, behavior, and plasticity.


Lock, Lauren

Ph.D. student with Dr. Dan Becker. Research interests include relationships between wildlife disease dynamics and landscape ecology.


Lopez, Jonathan

PhD student with Dr. Caryn Vaughn; BS North Carolina State University. Research interests include ecology and ecosystem services of freshwater mussels.


McLimans, Chris

Ph.D. student with Dr. Karl D. Hambright. Research interests include aquatic ecology, microbial genomics, and climate change


Melendez Vasquez, Fernando

Ph.D. student with Dr. Dahiana Arcila; BS & MS University of Puerto Rico; Research interests include evolutionary history of pelagic fishes. Ecological and evolutionary implications of the development of endothermy in pelagic fishes.


Minkin, Eve

MS student with Dr. Dave Hambright, BS from Eckerd College.


Nourbakhsh, Mehrnoush

PhD student with Dr. Michael Markham; BSc Isfahan University, Iran; MSc National Institute of Polytechnic and University, France. Research interests include neurobiology in weakly electric fish.


Oakley, William

PhD student with Dr. Eli Bridge; BA College of Charleston, Charleston, SC, MA The Citadel, Charleston, SC; Research interest include migration and population ecology of songbirds, wintering ecology of tidal marsh sparrows, the technology used to track migratory songbirds and science education and citizen science.


Pandit, Meelyn

PhD student with Drs. Eli Bridge and Jeremy Ross; BS Indiana University; MS Oklahoma State University. Research interests include ornithology, behavioral ecology, sexual selection, electrical engineering and computer programming.


Pedraza Marrón, Carmen

PhD student with Dr. Ricardo Betancur; BS and MSc Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo; Research interests elucidating biogeographical and evolutionary processes shaping population structure and species diversity patterns in marine ecosystems.


Perera, Nu

PhD student with Dr. Jeremy Ross, MS from Wichita State Univ. Research interests include wintering ecology of migratory birds and conservation of birds.


Premathilake, Dineesha

PhD student with Dr. Katharine Marske; BS University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, MS University of Central Oklahoma, USA; Research interests include comparative phylogeography, species distribution under various climate regimes, and climate change.


Sadir, Melissa

MS with Dr. Katharine Marske. Research interests include phylogeography of spiders and understanding how climate change affects their geographic distribution.


Santaquiteria Gil, Aintzane

PhD student with Dr. Ricardo Betancur; BS University of Navarra (Spain), MS University of Tromsø (Norway); Research interests include fish evolution, phylogenomics and biogeography.


Shahrokhi, Golya

PhD student with Dr. Michael Patten; BS Shahid Beheshti University, Iran; MS Texas State University-San Marcos. Research interests include genetic studies, evolution, ornithology and ecology.


Smith, Sierra

MS student with Dr. Cameron Siler. Research interests include understanding the relationship between an organism’s ecology and the diversity and function of its microbiome.


Strand, Alva

Ph.D. student with Dr. Jeffrey Kelly. Research interests include the ecology of seasonal avian migration, the impacts of climate change on migration, and radar aeroecology.


Theriot, Miranda

PhD student with Dr. Hayley Lanier, MS- University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Research interests include body size trends and responses to recent climate change in mammals.


Troyer, Emily

PhD student with Dr. Dahiana Arcila; BA & BS Ohio State University, MS King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia; Research interests include fish evolutionary ecology, biodiversity, and systematics.


Wang, Kai

NSF Graduate Research Fellow and MS student with Dr. Cameron Siler; BS Washington State University; Research interests include phylogeography and evolution of reptiles and amphibians.


Ward, Sarah

Ph.D. student with Dr. Dahiana Arcila; B.S. Bob Jones University, South Carolina, M.S. Southeastern Louisiana University; research interests include systematics and morphological adaptations of deep-sea fishes.


Wersebe, Matthew

PhD student with Dr. Larry Weider, BS from SUNY: Binghamton; Research interests include phenotypic plasticity, secondary salinization, aquatic ecology, and evolution.


Wiser, Shannon

MS student with Dr. Markham; BS The University of Oklahoma; Research interests include animal communication, biophysics, and the behavioral and metabolic constraints caused by ecological changes.


Zumpano, Kyle

Ph.D. student with Dr. Chris Lemon. Research interests include sensory neurobiology, neural circuits, and taste and thermosensation.