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Burke W, Boyer BB, Hiratsuka VY. Precision medicine research with American Indian and Alaska Native Communities: results of a deliberative engagement with Tribal leaders. Genet Med. 2022; 24:622-630. doi: 10.1016/j.gim.2021.11.003. PMCID pending.
Blacksher E, Trinidad SB, Hiratsuka VY, Hopkins SE, Woodbury RB, Woodahl EL, Boyer BB, Burke W. Deliberations about the ethics of precision medicine research: addressing inequity and diversity in deliberation design and evaluation. J of Empir Research on Human Research Ethics. 2022; epub ahead of print, doi: 0.1177/15562646221081267.
Schaefer KR, Todd MR, Trinidad SB, Robinson RF, Dillard DA. Patient and primary care perspectives on hypertension management: short report of a qualitative study in a Tribal health system. International J of Circumpolar Health, accepted February 28, 2022. doi: 10.1080/22423982.2022.2049054.
Dillard DA, Hebert LE, Dirks LG, Shaw JL, Trinidad SB, Lillie KM, Donovan DM, Burke W, Ludman EJ. Measuring attitudes about alcohol misuse among Alaska Native people within a Tribal healthcare system. J of Addiction Medicine, in press, accepted April 28, 2022.
Scherer M, Kamler A, Weiss L, Blacksher E, Jeavons J, Gold MR. Using Public Deliberation to Set Priorities: The Case of COVID-19 Vaccine Access in New York CityJournal of Public Health Management and Practice, 2022 Jan-Feb 01;28(1):86-94. doi: 10.1097/PHH.0000000000001471. PMID: 34797242.
Orr, R., Reedy, J., Livingston, D., Spicer, P. (2022). American Indian Genes in the Media: Representations of the Havasupai Indian Tribe in Their Case Against Arizona State University. American Indian Culture and Research Journal (published online ahead of print)


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Burke W, Beans JA, Benally M, Cho MK, Garrison NA, Hiratsuka VY, Hopkins SE, Spicer PG, Tsosie KS, Woodahl EL, Yracheta JM, Thummel K for Participants in the Strengthening Partnerships Meeting. Values and practices to strengthen genetic research partnerships with Indigenous communities. Progress in Community Health Partnerships, in press, accepted Nov 7, 2021.

Trinidad SB, Blacksher E, Woodbury RB, Hopkins SE, Woodahl EL, Burke W, Boyer BB, Hiratsuka VY. Precision medicine Research with American Indian and Alaska Native communities: Results of a Deliberative Engagement with Tribal leaders. Genet Med. 2021 Nov 30;S1098-3600(21)05380-6 (online ahead of print). doi: 10.1016/j.gim.2021.11.003.


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Under Review

Woodbury RB, Hiratsuka VY, Spicer PG. Ethics and the Management of Genomic Summary Results: A Commentary on the NIH’s Proposed Data-Sharing Policy. To be submitted to Journal of Law and Medicine.   

Blacksher E, Hiratsuka VY, Blanchard JW, Yracheta J, Saunkeah B, Lund J, Reedy J, Beans JA, Spicer PG. Deliberations with American Indian and Alaska Native people about the ethics of genomics: three tribal deliberations in the United States. Submitted to American Journal of Bioethics Empirical Bioethics.

Beans JA, Trinidad SB, Blacksher E, Hiratsuka VY, Spicer PG, Woodahl E, Boyer B, Lewis C, Gaffney P, Garrison N, Burke W. Communicating precision medicine research: multidisciplinary teams and diverse communities. To be submitted to Public Health Genomics.

Under Tribal Review

Burke W, Beans JA, Benally M, Cho M, Garrison N, Hiratsuka VY, Hopkins S, Spicer P, Tsosie KS, Woodahl EL, Yracheta JM, Thummel K. Values and Practices to Strengthen Genetic Research Partnerships with Indigenous Communities. To be submitted to Ethnicity and Disease.