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Cindy Simon Rosenthal

*links are book reviews

When Women Lead. 1998. New York: Oxford University Press.

Women Transforming Congress. Editor and contributor.  2002. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press.    

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and The New American Politics. Co-author with Ronald M. Peters Jr. 2010.  New York: Oxford University Press.  

Links to selected peer reviewed publications as lead author:


“From Green to Gold in Municipal Facilities,” with Shawn O’Leary and James Fullingim. State and Local Government Review, June 2012; vol. 44, 2: pp. 150-155.


“The Mentor Gap: A Barrier to Women in Legislative Leadership,” 2010. In Gender and Women’s Leadership: A Reference Handbook edited by Karen O’Connor,Sage Publications.


Playing with the Boys: Why Separate Is Not Equal in Sports. By Eileen McDonagh and Laura Pappano. New York: Oxford University Press, 2008. Invited book review in Perspectives on Politics, Vol. 8 (1): 323 -325.

“Assessing Nancy Pelosi,” With Ronald M. Peters Jr. 2008. The Forum. Volume 6, Issue 2. 

“Sports Talk: How Gender Shapes Discursive Framing on Title IX.” 2008. Politics & Gender, 4(1): 65-92.

“Who is Nancy Pelosi?” 2008. With Ronald M. Peters Jr. PS: Political Science & Politics, Washington D.C.: American Political Science Association, vol. 41 (1), p. 57-62. 


“What’s a Small Town Mayor To Do When Things Fall Apart? Normative Limits in Modern Urban Theory.”  2007. With Jill L. Tao. Public Administration Quarterly, 31(3): 249-283.


"Local Politics: A Different Front in the Culture War?", 2005. The Forum: 3(2), Article 5. 


“From Passive to Active Representation: The Case of Women Congressional Staff,” with Lauren Cohen Bell.  2003. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 13 (1): 65-82.

“Gendered Discourse in the Political Behavior of Adolescents,” with Jocelyn Jones and James A. Rosenthal. 2003. Political Research Quarterly,  56(1): 97-104.


“Preparing for Elite Political Participation:  Simulations and the Political Socialization of Adolescents,” 2001. With James A. Rosenthal & Jocelyn Jones. Social Science Quarterly, 82 (3): 633-646.

“Divided Lives: Revisiting Considerations of the Personal and Political,” 2001, Women & Politics, 22:1, 37-62. 


“Gender Styles in State Legislative Committees: Raising Their Voices in Resolving Conflict,” 1999. Women & Politics. 21 (2):21-45.

 “One Experience is Worth a Thousand Words: Engaging Undergraduates in Field Research on Gender,” 1999. PS: Political Science and Politics, 32:1 (March).


“Determinants of Collaborative Leadership: Civic Engagement, Gender or Organizational Norms?” 1998. Political Research Quarterly 51(4): 847-868.


“A View of Their Own: Women’s Committee Leadership Styles and State Legislatures,” 1997. Policy Studies Journal 25:4 (Winter)585-600.


“The Role of Gender Gap in Descriptive Representation.” 1995. Political Research Quarterly 48(3):599-612.

“New Party or Campaign Bank Account? Explaining the Rise of State Legislative Campaign Committees.” 1995. Legislative Studies Quarterly 20(2): 249-268.

Current projects in progress:

“Intergovernmental Dynamics, City Limits and Climate Change,” with James A. Rosenthal, Jonathan Moore, and Jamie Smith.  Papers presented at the 2014 Annual Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association in Chicago, Illinois and at 2013 National Adaptation Forum, in Denver, Colorado.