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Michael H. Crespin

Links for published articles go to online sources. Links for unpublished papers download PDFs. If you want a copy of an article, please email Dr. Crespin.

“Land, Wood, Water, & SPACE: Senator Robert S. Kerr, Congress, and Selling the Space Race to the American Public” with Jessica Hayden, Matthew Geras, and Nathan Gerth. Forthcoming in a special edition of Social Science Quarterly on Selling Science

Institutional Control of Redistricting and the Geography of Representation,” Barry Edwards, Michael Crespin, Ryan Williamson, and Maxwell Palmer. Journal of Politics (2017) 79(2): 722-726

Redistricting and Individual Contributions to Congressional Candidates,” Michael Crespin and Barry Edwards Political Research Quarterly  69(2): 220-232

New Directions in Legislative Research: Lessons from Inside Congress,” with Anthony Madonna.  49(3) PS: Political Science & Politics. Part of a symposium “The Transformed Congressional Experience,” co-edited with Anthony Madonna. We solicited and edited essays from Rep. David Price, Rep. Dina Titus, Sen. Mike Lee, and former Rep. John Barrow

Can Independent Redistricting Commissions Lead Us Out of the Political Thicket?” with Barry Edwards, Angel Sanchez, Tyler Yeargain, and Jessica Hayden. Albany Government Law Review  9(2): 288-349

“Earmarks and Subcommittee Government in the U.S. Congress,” with Austin Clemens and Charles Finocchiaro. American Politics Research 43(6): 1071-1106

"The Establishment of Party Policy Committees in the U.S. Senate: Coordination, Not Coercion," with Anthony Madonna, Joel Sievert and Nathaniel Ament-Stone. Social Science Quarterly  96(1): 34-48

“The Political Geography of Distributive Politics,” with Austin Clemens and Charles Finocchiaro. Legislative Studies Quarterly  40(1): 111-136

Change and Continuity in Congressional Districts,Extensions: A Journal of the Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center.  12-17

"Procedural Signaling, Party Loyalty, and Traceability in the U.S. House of Representatives," with Jamie Carson and Tony Madonna. Political Research Quarterly  67(4): 729-742

"Re-evaluating the Effects of Redistricting on Electoral Competition, 1972-2012," with Jamie Carson and Ryan Williamson. State Politics and Policy Quarterly  14(2): 162-174

"Pork-Barrelling in Australian Politics: A Reconsideration of Leigh," with Austin Clemens and Charles Finocchiaro. Australian Journal of Political Science 48(2): 221-232

"Elections and the Politics of Pork in the U.S. Senate," with Charles Finocchiaro Social Science Quarterly 94(2): 506-529

"Measuring Variations in Party Unity Voting: An Assessment of Agenda Effects," with David W. Rohde and Ryan J. Vander Wielen. Party Politics 19(3): 432-457

"Constituency Congruency and Candidate Competition in Primary Elections for the U.S. House," with Jamie Carson, Carrie Eaves and Emily Wanless. State Politics and Policy Quarterly 12(2): 127-145

"Constituency Congruency and Candidate Competition in U.S. House Elections," with Jamie Carson, Carrie Eaves and Emily Wanless. Legislative Studies Quarterly 36(3): 461-482

"The Political Geography of Congressional Elections," (PDF) with Carrie P. Eaves and David Darmofal. Paper presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.

"Dimensions, Issues, and Bills: Appropriations Voting on the House Floor," with David W. Rohde. Journal of Politics 72(4): 976-989

"How To Analyze Political Attention With Minimal Assumptions And Costs," with Kevin M. Quinn, Burt L. Monroe, Michael Colaresi, and Dragomir R. Radev. American Journal of Political Science  54(1): 209-228

"Serving Two Masters: Redistricting and Voting in the U.S. House of Representatives," Political Research Quarterly  63(4): 850-859

"If You Can't Join 'em, Beat 'em: The Gender Gap in Individual Donations to Congressional Candidates," with Janna Deitz. Political Research Quarterly  63(3): 568-580

"Perception and Reality in Congressional Earmarks," with Charles Finocchiaro and Emily Wanless. The Forum  7(2): Article 1

"Inter-Chamber Polarization of Debate and Bill Success in the U.S. Congress," with Burt Monroe and Kevin Quinn. Paper presented at the Duke University Conference on Bicameralism, Durham, NC.

"Tracking the Dynamic Evolution of Participants Salience in a Discussion" with Ahmed Hassan, Anthony Fader, Burt Monroe, Kevin Quinn, Michael Colaresi and Dragomir Radev. Proceedings of COLING (Conference on Computational Linguistics), pages 313-320, Manchester, UK.

"Distributive and Partisan Politics in the U.S. Senate: An Exploration of Earmarks, 1996 - 2005," (PDF) with Charles Finocchiaro. In Why Not Parties? Party Effects in the United States Senate. Nathan Monroe, Jason Roberts and David Rohde eds. University of Chicago Press

"Redistricting and Party Polarization in the U.S. House of Representatives," with Jamie Carson, Charles Finocchiaro and David Rohde. American Politics Research  35(6): 878-904

"MavenRank: Identifying Influential Members of the U.S. Senate using Lexical Centrality," with Dragomir Radev, Anthony Fader, Burt L. Monroe, Kevin M. Quinn and Michael Colaresi. Proceedings of the (EMNLP) Empirical Methods on Natural Language Processing, pages 658-666, Prague, Czech Republic.

"Ideology, Electoral Incentives, and Congressional Politics: The Republican House Class of 1994," with Suzanne Gold and David Rohde. American Politics Research 34(2):135-158

"Turning Theory to Practice: A Political Scientist Tackles the Hill," PS: Political Science & Politics  39(2): 382-382

"The Competitive Effects of Redistricting Approaches: Legislatures, Courts and Commissions over Time," (PDF) with Jamie Carson. Paper presented at the Restoring Electoral Competitiveness: Research and Remedies for Redistricting Conference at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, April 25, 2006

"A Spatial Analysis of Congressional Redistricting, 2000-2002," Political Analysis 13(3): 253-260

"Parties as Procedural Coalitions in Congress: Evidence from Differing Career Tracks."with Jamie Carson and Jeffery Jenkins. Legislative Studies Quarterly  30(3): 365-389

"Geography and Individual Campaign Contributions to Congressional Candidates," (PDF) Presented at the Summer Political Methodology, Tallahassee, FL and the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, Washington D.C.

"Are Partisan Theories of Agenda Control in the Senate Plausible?," (PDF) with Nathan Monroe. Presented at the annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL .

"The Calculus of Concession: Media Coverage and the Dynamics of Winnowing in Presidential Nominations." with Audrey Haynes, Paul-Henri Gurian and Christopher Zorn. American Politics Research 32(3):310-337

"The Effect of State Redistricting Methods on Electoral Competition in United States House Races." with Jamie Carson. State Politics and Policy Quarterly  4(4):455-469

"Shirking in the Contemporary Congress: A Reappraisal." with Jamie Carson, Jeffery Jenkins and Ryan Vander Wielen. Political Analysis  12(2):176-179

"Shirking in the Contemporary Congress Redux." (PDF) with Jamie Carson and Jeffery Jenkins. A Political Analysis web-rejoinder to accompany "Shirking in the Contemporary Congress: A Reappraisal."

"Comparing the Effects of Legislative, Commission, and Judicial Redistricting Plans on U.S. House Elections, 1972-2002" (PDF) with Jamie L. Carson. Paper presented at the annual Meeting of the Western Political Science Association, Portland, OR.

"The Media, the Campaign and the Message." with Julianne Flowers and Audrey Haynes. American Journal of Political Science  47(2):259-273