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Web Guidelines

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Web Guidelines

The University of Oklahoma website contains several million pages and not all visitors enter these pages through the OU home page. Many visitors are external audiences and for many, these pages are their first and only view and impression of The University of Oklahoma. The Web is essential to our mission of teaching, research, creative work and public service.

Our web pages need to reflect our values including accessible information for those with disabilities. The University’s Web Guidelines seek to establish standards that will:


The purpose of this guide is to maintain a consistent OU identity and help streamline all university pages so that users can efficiently find what they are looking for.

Guidelines Apply To:

  • Web pages located on the domain or using OU internet protocol ranges affiliated with the Norman Campus.
  • University sites outside affiliated with the Norman Campus using OU trademarks in their domain names.
  • Web pages prepared for any organization or activity receiving Norman Campus funds or with funds maintained in the University of Oklahoma Norman Campus financial system excluding agency affiliates.
  • Faculty, staff and student pages on servers connected to the Norman Campus network.
  • Outside agencies or publishers that create websites or electronic publications for any University unit are also required to abide by these guidelines.

Approval Process

To ensure that all websites representing the University of Oklahoma convey a consistent and accurate message and image, all new sites and sites involved in a redesign must be reviewed by OU Marketing and Communications (

OU Marketing and Communications will review sites based upon the guidelines contained in this policy and will perform audits to check for compliance, consistency and accurate messages.

Colleges and departments must request an exemption from OU Marketing and Communications in order to utilize a domain extension other than .edu (.com, .org, etc.).