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Photo and Video Content

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Photo and Video Content

Use of Photography

If a photo was taken by a third party, you need a release from the photographer for reprint/use to indicate copyright authorization for use by OU.

Preparing Images for Print

Resolution - More resolution means an image displays in more detail, and the larger an image is the more important it is to have good resolution. Images for print production should be at least 300dpi. A common mistake novice designers make is using web images for printing. This will almost always lead to fuzzy, blurry images.

File Format - TIFF and EPS files are the highest resolution formats for print.

Color - Commercial printing processes are typically done in CMYK (or process colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) or uses Pantone spot colors or other print-friendly color specifications. Photos will need to be saved in CMYK.

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