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Local History


History of the Eta Gamma Chapter.

In the spring of 2003 a group of men began to search for a brotherhood
that represented the same values and ideals that they themselves
stood for. When they could not find such an organization on the
University of Oklahoma's campus they began exploring the idea of
bringing such an organization to OU. Through their searching they
found Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity Inc. The first
interest meeting was held on Wednesday, February 12, 2003 in the
Cate Center TV Lounge at 8:00pm. It left an outstanding impression.

After much hard work and dedication, and with the aid of the Chi
Alpha Chapter at the University of Texas Arlington and the Theta
Beta Chapter at the University of North Texas, on December 6th, 2003
4:28:10AM these men found the Lambda light and received colony
status. The founding brothers of the colony of Sigma Lambda Beta at
the University of Oklahoma are:

#1 Larry "Vigilante" Parish
#2 Greg "Matador" Balandran
#3 Leonardo "Vikingo" Amaro

These men established the first colony in the state of Oklahoma, but
their work was far from finished. It would take more labors and the
aid of new brothers before their goal could be fulfilled. Finally
over the summer of 2006, the request was approved and the colony
became the Eta Gamma chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta. The new brothers
who had helped to bring this about were:
Alpha Line
#4 Richard "Toro" Torres
#5 Nick "Aguila" Walls
#6 Roger "Chistoso" Colbert

Beta Line
#7 Todd "Pyro" Britton

Gamma Line
#8 Anthony "Cafe Suave" Williams
#9 Chance "Dub C" Bolduc

Delta Line
#10 Jami'l "Allabout" Buie
#11 Edgar "Nomad" Otero
#12 Richard "Titan" Dean

Epsilon Line
#13 Louson "Filipinolicious" Ramos
#14 Ronny "Boru" Hutson
#15 Al "Golden Child" Blasquez

So It was that the Founding Brothers along with these men
established the first truly multicultural brotherhood on the campus
of the University of Oklahoma.