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Shape the Future Sooner

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Class of 2020, leave your legacy!

The Student Alumni Board and Senior Class Gift Committee did the research. You voted to identify the worth projects. Now, it's time to choose. Which project will you impact? As a member of the Class of 2020, it is time for us to leave our legacy on OU's campus. 

Join us and let's Shape the Future Sooner!






Providing aid to the budget to grow and promote programs and resources available to the student body to eradicate gender inequality.



Our mission is to further intercultural competency through safe, academically focused, professionally relevant, and personally transformative global opportunities for all OU students. Assist students in need to allow them this incredible experience! 



Mental health difficulties are one of the biggest impediments for academic and personal success for OU students.  Many students need counseling or medication but are not able to afford it.  Your generosity will help support students struggling with mental health issues afford professional help.  All funds will be placed in a scholarship fund with the University Counseling Center to be used to help students unable to pay for services.  


For a limited time, 2019 graduates receive a 50% off discount on your Alumni Life Membership with your special code! Join the ranks of Sooners who are dedicated to maintaining Sooner Excellence. 


Thank you to our donors who have demonstrated their impact! 

Kimberly Osmani

Lily DeFrank

Tim Clegg

Casie Tomlin

Brandon Swearengin

Jacob Barlowe

Jon Kilpinen

Elizabeth Leslie

Tiffany Peters

Hanna Northcutt

Tawn Neidy

Katherine Davis

Devin McCrady

Frieda Freeman-Cooper

Christabell Hammond

Madison Bruton

Fnu Karma Choedak

Hunter Reagan

Cesar Marquez

Briana Do

Emily Olivia

Sarah Davis

Kristina Lea

Dayna Sloane

Abbigail Huddleston

Kyle Roller

Aspen Endriss

Mollie Tritten

Madison Nickens

Rebekah Reeves

Ashley Wade

Christin Smith

Kaleigh Stough-Peters

Madison Garbee

Christina Nguyen

Alecia Buffington

Jordan Lilly

Dawn Dale

Blake Baugus

Paul Johnson

Maria Marroquin Marquez

Sidney Hajdik

Katherine White

Barbara Bayless

Jeremy Davis

Giselle Chavez

Allyson Kelton

Matthew Johnson

Hannah Piper

Brianna Rhodes

Rhett Taylor 

Matthew Gantt

Eva Sparks

Natalie Goodin

Maria Dawson

Nicole Smith

Mansi Patel

Alexa Silvagni

Samantha Crosley

Carlos Moreno

Ronnie Rhodes

Maggie Percival

Katherine Kennedy

Nathan Schmenk

Jacqueline Kuwitzky

Madison Deason

Vincenza Swad

Chris States

Anthony Conroy

Carrie Strutton

Shari Gateley

April Vargas

Selena Castaneda

Tonya Lambros

Edward Stewart

Alexandra Kennedy

Marc LaManque

Nicholas Dunn

Tony Baker

Alexis Savastano

Kristen Hackett

Dylan Lantis

Courtney Vanman

Kate Lester

Brittany Bullington

Ashley Carr

Kylie Raney

McKenzie Garrard

Caitlin Harris

Emma Powell

Haley Leonard

Morgan Guthrie

Victoria Quick

Ayla Delso

Aaron Carlson

William Howe

Destiny Hulsey

Denise Huff

D'Marcus Thompson

Stacey Brown

Thomas Feuerborn

Audrey Armacost

Charles Barnaby

Konrad Satorius

Tera Robbins

Kodilyn Byrd

Marlyn Grice

Janki Patel

Miranda Myers

Melody Redbird-Post

Alexis Cowan

Ann McSpadden

Connor Edwards

Chelsi Brown

Sarah Williams

Blake Honaker

Maycee Norvell

Matthew Adkins

Allison Benfield

Abby Sullivan

Braylon Warrior

Brooks Bell

Jayden Lasley

Jazmine Mudhar

Emily Walls

Ashley Choate

Gabbi Carrasco

Pooja Parikh

David Salazar

Carson Perkins

Katherine Hanson

Breanna Kaler

Audrey Lawrence

Elan Neagle

Kara Walk

Dorian Lieber

Samantha Mitchell

Catherine Oberpriller

Tyler Lazarek

Matthew Whitney

Neil Arora

Nicole Zandier

Dalton Black

Rachel Porter

Grace Duginski

Ciera Stafford

Abigail Baukus

Marisa Nuzzo

Breanna Dowell

Jody Ortiz

Grasyn Fuller

Grace Mendros-Ruffner

Adeola Ajijolaiya

Ben Cihak

Thomas Cain

Annie Creech

Coral Hudson

Anhthu Trinh

Alec Johnson

Haley Zielinski

Shelby Smith

Kayla Hubbard

Hope Sarver

Alexandra Sassi

Luc Whyte

Cara Sutton

Brittany Swart

Riley Barnes

Alyssa Duran

Myra Swager

Melisa Seward

Catina Baker

John Adkins

Rachel Timm

Morgan Dragg

Kimberly Hawkins

Hanna Harrison

Jaelyn Hedges

Riley McGinnis

Mackenzie Moulton

Lauren Wilson McGeough

Breanna Barber

Caitlyn Reyes Trejo

Ibikari Legg-Jack

Aaron Cardenas

Harris Neuens

Amy Jones

Gabriella Gay

Calla Hamlin

Sabrina Ton

Sheridan Patterson

Lance Rabago

Mariah Fugate

Davis McDonald 

Veronica Grace Untivero

Heidi Mallow

Sophia Kaiafas

Eleonora Javier Karelia Penagos Tellez Lamarca

Christopher Bourgeois

Devon Collier

Randy Scharnhorst

Kadine Pierre 

Joel Goldstein

Sophia Pecorari

Jessica Griffith

Benjamin Levenson

Allison Reece