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Shape the Future Sooner

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Class of 2021, leave your legacy!

The Student Alumni Board and Senior Class Gift Committee did the research. You voted to identify the worthy projects. Now, it's time to choose. Which project will you impact? As a member of the Class of 2021, it is time for us to leave our legacy on OU's campus. 

Join us and let's Shape the Future Sooner!



As we have seen through this past year of hardships, life happens when we least expect it.  Sooners Helping Sooners is an organization that raises money for students facing extenuating financial circumstances beyond their control. Sooners Helping Sooners promotes the principle of sacrificial giving and spreading compassion inwardly on OU's campus. Funds donated from the class gift will go towards helping OU students receive aid when hardships occur. 

Food insecurity refers to the lack of access to enough food or limited and uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate food and 1 of 3 college students report food insecurity. The University of Oklahoma Food Pantry's mission is to contribute to the overall health and wellness of the OU community by providing FREE supplemental food assistance to OU Norman campus students, faculty and staff.  Funds donated from the class gift will go towards supporting this mission.  

Mental health difficulties are one of the biggest impediments for academic and personal success for OU students.  Many students need counseling or medication but are not able to afford it.  Your generosity will help support students struggling with mental health issues afford professional help.  All funds will be placed in a scholarship fund with the University Counseling Center to be used to help students unable to pay for services. 

For a limited time, 2019 graduates receive a 50% off discount on your Alumni Life Membership with your special code! Join the ranks of Sooners who are dedicated to maintaining Sooner Excellence.

For a limited time, 2021 graduates receive a 50% off discount on your Alumni Life Membership with your special code! Join the ranks of Sooners who are dedicated to maintaining Sooner Excellence. 


Thank you to our donors who have demonstrated their impact! 

Savannah Adkins

Esmeralda Alcala

Hannah Allen

Sterling Allen

Lydia Amend

Nicholas Anderson

Alyssa Andrews

Laken Angel

Camri Austin

Justin Ballou

Kristen Barnett

Brady Bell

Hannah Bigbee

Catherine Birkhead

Raquel Blanco

Cooper Blodgett

Lantz Booton

Olivia Bowles

William Breidenbach

Blake Brewer

Connor Bruce

Carli Buchanan

Maggie Burroughs

Kayelee Cain

Grant Campbell

MacKenzie Robin Carter

Esthela Sofia Casale

Tayler Casper

Marcus Cassar

Raina Castle

Jason Castleman

Andrew Cawley

Mikayla Chandler

Patrick Chevis

Katherine Chilton

Ben Kwang Cho

Janette Coleman

Nolan Conley

Vanessa Contreras

Noah Cook

Skye Liane Coronel

Jazzmine Cox

Reynaldo Cruz

Lee Davis

Grayce DeMent

Emma Dillard

Jessica Dobson

Eli Doss

Zoe Douglas

Jordan Draper

Sarah Drew

Maci Duck

Jason Dugan

Doug Eckert

Emily Edens

Allison Edson

Isabel English

Marisela Esparza

Paola Estrada

Nicholas Fantus-Reininger

Hannah Farley

Benjamin Foster

Opal Fraser

Mackenzie Freeman

Giovanni Gallegos

Siva Rama Krishna Ganta

David Gillstad

Max Goldberg

Cortlyn Goldman

Crystal Gomez

Erick Gonzalez

Christian Guzman

Jillian Harvey 

Regina Hiem

Milisha Henderson

Gavin Hetzler

Erin Hilliard

Ava Hiser

Mattie Hogue

Kevin Hollcroft

Natalie Homsher

Lela Hopkins

Connor Hopper

Caleb Horn

Syriah Howard

Zachary Howard

Allison Hughes

Kaitlin Humbarger

Lexi Hurley

Salyna Jackson

Ariel Jacobs

Taylor Jovanovich

John King

Alexandra Kirchdorfer

Noah Klarck

Elizabeth Kosco

Brenna LaGrange

Monique Lamb

Peyton Landrum

Tanner Legvold

Gabrielle Littles

Koren Littrell-Kuhnert

Edward Louie

Adrien Loveless

James Luster

Austin Lynch

Gregory Maddra

Ryan Magers

Riley Mainord

Kaveron Maple

Miriam Mar

Morgan Massey

Alexis McCalla

Brynn McConnell

Joseph McWhirter

Logan Mealer

Garrett Means

Isabella Mendoza

Harper Morris

Nicholas Morrison

Madison Mullins

Quynh-Nhu Nguyen

Sofia Olivas

Caleb Olson

Katelynn O'Neal 

Aaron Paradise

Jana Parker

Field Parsons

Nicole Pilon 

Jazzy Richards

Lydia Robb

Matthew Roberts

Jared Rodriguez

Cameron Rojo Chavez

Danielle Romero

Cassie Ruiz

William Runion

Saba Sandhu

Ariana Santana

Manuel Santiago

Ashley Schlepp

Jack Schwarz

Sierra Seale

Ameer Shahid

Nithivarn Reddy Shanigaram

Nathan Shockley

Cryrus Shuler

Rachel Sivinski

Derek Smith

Inaara  Soomar

Natalee Sparks

Elizaveth Spencer

Shyler Spessard

Elizabeth Stone

Abby Stout

Andrew Swaim

Andrea Swink

Tyler Swisher

Ingrid Tank

Oscar Tavarez

Melinda Thompson

Nicole Tison

Keyvie Troy

Lauren Tucker

Tiffany Volden 

McKinney Waggoner

Judy Wagner 

Steven Wall

Kaylee Wallis

Danielle Warmack

Audrey Warren

Macy Watts

McKinsey Whitaker

Annie White

Hunter White

Victoria White

Samantha Whitlock

Kolby Willis

Riley Wilson

Julia Woltjen

Christa Woods

Elaine Zack