Oklahoma Autonomous Interactive Robotics Lab (AIROU)

AIROU is a research lab at the University of Oklahoma with a focus on the building and designing of autonomous vehicles using visual navigation. The team consists of both undergraduate and graduate students and is led by Dr. Golnaz Habibi. Our mission is to design and build autonomous ground and aerial vehicles that can navigate safely in real environments.

Our Research

AIROU Mission

Our mission is to design and build autonomous ground and aerial vehicles that can navigate safely in real environments.

Our intelligent agents can collaborate and interact with each other, creating a heterogenous team of vehicles that collaboratively or individually accomplish a variety of tasks such as: delivery, transportation system, weather forecast, search and rescue, and mapping.

Our projects spans broad aspects of robotics and AI, including but not limited to:

• Machine Learning
• Reinforcement Learning
• Multi-agent Systems
• Data Fusion
• Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
• Robust Control and Navigation
• Autonomous Driving
• Computer Vision.

Lab News

Jan 2023 | AirLab Welcomes Three New Members To Lab

AIROU is excited to welcome and announce the arrival of three additional members to the team for the new school semester, Avinash, Tate, and Maisha!

Oct 2022 | New Lab Set Up in Carson B12

AIROU's new lab has been successfully set up in Carson B12. This space will be used for testing and implementing various lab and research endeavors. Currently, our member Daniel Vargas has been working on assembling our drones and MUSHr racecars in the lab space.

Oct 2022 | Oklahoma Transportation Research Day

Last October, our lab members Daniel Vargas, Yuki Zheng, and Tyler Roman were able to attend the Oklahoma Transportation Research Day.
Lab member, Daniel, presented his work on the implementation of localizing and mapping with advanced AI for autonomous navigation, and presented his MUSHr racecar project our lab is using to test our visual navigation and simulations.

Lab members, Yuki and Tyler, presented their poster exploring AIROU's project for collaborative multi-view perception for a safe, robust, and scalable autonomous driving system. Some topics covered include 3-D multi-object detection, sensor fusion, multi-object tracking, collaborative learning, localization, and mapping.

Oct 2022 | New 3D Printer Set Up

A 3D printer has recently been set up in the lab to facilitate in the assembling of the lab's MUSHr racecars.

Aug 2022 | AIROU's First MUSHr Racecar Assembled

AIROU's first MUSHr racecar has been assembled and driven in the lab!

Prospective Students

There are a few spots in the lab available for PhD and undergraduate research.
Interested candidates can send their CV, transcripts, and a research statement to golnaz@ou.edu.