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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

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A&GS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council

Our Mission Statement:

To foster cultural competence and proficiency among all students, staff, and faculty in A&GS, and an environment where all feel fully accepted, supported, and valued.


  • To develop, promote, and monitor the effectivenesss of diversity and inclusivity programs and initiatives in AGS
  • Coordinate with, and support the activities of the campus-wide Diversity Equity, and Inclusion Academic Council, as well as other entities engaged in efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity at the University of Oklahoma
  • Serve as the compass and conscience of the College in ensuring that AGS is proactive in sharing, adopting, and implementing best diversity and inclusivity practicies with respect to students, faculty and staff welfare, recruitment, retention, and graduation or promotion
  • Function as a source of reference, information, and point-of-contact for members of the College to share experiences, observations, and suggestions related to diversity and inclusivity



A&GS & DGES Statement of Support

On Wednesday, April 26th, Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS) hosted an end-of-the-semester study night in the Bizzell Library. At the conclusion of the event, members of the group's leadership exited together, only to be met by an individual who began to yell racial slurs at them. This individual followed the five women as they walked to the North Oval, chanting slurs while pursuing them. When part of the group continued from the North Oval to the Sarkeys Energy Center, the individual continued to follow them. Very fortunately, all five students were and still are safe.

This type of egregious behavior will always be unacceptable and goes against the core diversity, equity, and inclusion missions of the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, the Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability, and the University of Oklahoma. It is incompatible with our collective desire to “recognize and respect the essential worth of each individual,” and to “commit to building a welcoming and supportive campus,” and the administration of the College and the Department stands in solidarity with the members of MANRRS who suffered this event. Racism and harassment have no home here.

Students who are victims of such harassment, and other types of harassment, are encouraged to make a report via OU Report It. Those who are victims of relationship violence, stalking, and/or sexual harassment can also reach out to OU Advocates at 405-615-0013 by call or text. If needed, counseling services are provided through the University Counseling Center.

As always, we encourage our students to reach out to us whenever we can be of support. We are ALWAYS here to listen, affirm and help."


To read the full statement of the Incident, click here. (pdf)