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The Little Box of Big News: How It's Made

How the Little Box of Big News arrives at your doorstep

For prospective OU students, their journey at OU kicks off when they receive the Little Box of Big News in the mail, a crimson welcoming package that holds everything a student needs to begin their OU story, as well as their admissions decision.

Have you ever wondered how the Little Box of Big News makes it to the doorsteps of OU's newest students? Don't worry, we are here to show you how it's made.

The process begins with student employees in Buchanan Hall, who fold the admissions box and then stuff it full of red and white confetti. And yes, we know what you’re thinking, "Picture-perfect Instagram moment."

Pro photo tip: Students can capture the moment by throwing the confetti and snapping a picture. We put it in there for a reason, and that reason is to celebrate the beginning of an OU story!

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After student employees finish prepping the box, Office of Admissions and Recruitment communications specialist Tammra Lowrey hand stuffs each admissions box with the finishing touches. 

All throughout the year, her office, hallway, and shelves overflow with red boxes waiting to be sent home to admitted students. Lowrey estimates that by the time recruitment slows down, 15,000 boxes pass through her office.

When an admissions box is finished, Lowrey sticks an address label to the package and places it in outgoing mail, where it will complete its journey by arriving on the doorstep of an OU Bound student!

We forgot to mention one thing. Hidden underneath heaps of confetti and goodies are a VR headset and a QR code. After students put the headset together and scan the QR code with their smartphone, they experience OU from the comfort of their homes with a virtual tour of the Norman campus.  


Want your own Little Box of Big News?