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Kayla Gill

Kayla Gill

Class of 2021 | Public Relations | Houston, Texas | HillDay Public Relations

Kayla Gill

Public relations majors are often told that every day is different in the field.

This summer, Kayla Gill saw that firsthand as her internship moved online partway through due to COVID-19 cases rising in the area.  

While interning at HillDay Public Relations in her hometown of Houston, Texas, Gill learned she really does have to be flexible. She also had to pick up on different skills after shifting to remote work after about three weeks.

“I was helping on some projects where I had no idea how to use the technology, so I would have to call someone on Zoom and figure that out,” Gill shared. “Just being flexible and adapting to any circumstance or crisis are what I learned the most this summer.”

Once the internship moved online, the firm started each morning with a meeting, which was a time when each person shared what tasks they did the day before and what they had on their to-do list for the day ahead.

Starting the day with this briefing was helpful, Gill said, because this was where her boss would assign any new tasks, which made the day easier and more efficient since she always knew what she needed to accomplish that day early on. Then throughout the rest of the day, Gill was often in Zoom meetings if she needed to collaborate with another colleague on an assignment.

“We had different clients. A couple of employees would be on one project, while a couple would be on another. Usually as an intern, I would be on all of the projects to see what I could put my hands in and be an asset to,” Gill explained.

"OU has and will always have all of the resources and mentors to help you ... OU will prepare you for everything that you need to know or need to do."

In the future, Gill aims to work in crisis communications for a company. The first assignment of her internship was to write a press release and media advisory, tasks Gill also did in multiple Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication classes. This moment made her realize that the college was preparing her for her future career by teaching her skills she would need in the field.

On campus, Gill is active as a Gaylord Ambassador and also works closely with Kesha Keith, OU’s director of media relations. She encourages future students to connect with the resources and people on campus who are there to support them.

“OU has and will always have all of the resources and mentors to help you,” Gill said. “Since there are so many resources and so many people that would love to help you, try to find a good mentor that will lead you in the right direction and is open to hearing your concerns or open to giving advice. Also, try to not stress about your future or anything like that. OU will prepare you for everything that you need to know or need to do.”