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Meet Dr. Daniel Resasco

Meet Dr. Daniel Resasco!

Dr. Daniel Resasco
  • A 2021 inductee of the Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame
  • OU professor of chemical engineering for 28+ years
  • First faculty member to be named the Gallogly Chair at OU
  • George Lynn Cross Research Professor
  • Author of more than 300 academic publications & holder of over 40 industrial patents
  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (1984), Yale University; B.S. Chemical Engineering (1975), Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina
  • Received Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Award, the New York Catalysis Society Award, the 2004 Oklahoma Chemist of the Year Award, the Regents’ Award for Superior Research, and the Houssay Award for Scientific Achievement from the National Research Council of Argentina

Dr. Resasco's advice to OU’s Latinx chemical engineering students:

I have been highly impressed by the students I have known from the Latinx community during my 28 years at OU. They always exhibit a unique mixture of enthusiasm, charisma, and eagerness to succeed that makes them stand out wherever they go. I would like to encourage Latinx students to never lose that attitude: keep playing hard, studying hard, working hard, and be happy about it.

Dr. Daniel Resasco and his students

Q: What interested you in chemical engineering and how have you continued to follow this lifelong passion?

Resasco: Chemical engineering is a fascinating discipline that involves a combination of knowledge from physical, chemical, and life sciences to mathematics and economics and allows for the development of industrial processed that can convert raw material into valuable products for the benefit of society. This multi-disciplinary variety of intellectual aspects is what first attracted me to chemical engineering. I have continued loving this field throughout my entire career because it has an impact on every aspect of modern life.

Q: In your career, what are you most proud of and why?

Resasco: What gives me the greatest pride is the success of my former students and postdocs. Many of them have reached leadership positions in academia and industry, some in the U.S. and others abroad. I always keep in touch with them and try to offer my advice and encouragement, even many years after their graduation.

Q: How do you celebrate and bring your culture into daily life?

Resasco: My entire family has profound respect and pride about our Hispanic culture. My wife and I are both from Argentina. We have five children, who have been raised in the U.S., but all of them speak Spanish fluently and keep all our traditions alive. They love the food, music, soccer, and other aspects of the Argentine culture. Since we still have family and friends there, we visit Argentina almost every year.

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