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caylin Cannady

Explore OU's non-flying aviation program with Caylin Cannady 

Caylin Cannady | Downey, CA
Air Traffic Management, Class of 2023 

“Choosing OU has been one of my best decisions. I truly believe that no other university would’ve fit me better.” 

 When Caylin Cannady began her college search, she knew she wanted a change of scenery and the chance to experience new things in a place where she could grow. With the OU Aviation Program offering facilities located just ten minutes from the Norman main campus, Cannady discovered a tight-knit community that shares her love for aviation.

Q: Why did you come to OU?  
I came to OU because it was one of the only universities that had everything I wanted—a great aviation program, the opportunity to cheer at a Division I school, and a college town that supports and loves their local university. Choosing OU has been one of my best decisions. I truly believe that no other university would have fit me better.   

Q: What is your favorite part about being a Non-Flying Aviation major?  
Not many know that we have an aviation program so close to campus. Just ten minutes off the main campus is a tight-knit community that all share a love for aviation. Because the school of aviation is so close-knit, I am able to have strong relationships and mentorships with my professors, directors, and my fellow peers. They really help guide you to success. To them, I’m not just a student filling up a seat.  

Q: What advice would you give to high school students who are interested in Non-Flying Aviation at OU?  
 Get involved and meet other aviation majors, because the aviation world is made up of so many different parts. It’s always good to see the other perspectives in order to better understand the field, and you never know—you might end up crossing paths with your aviation classmates later in life.  

Q: What do you hope to accomplish in your career and where do you envision yourself after graduation?
In my career, I hope to become an Air Traffic Controller at an airport and make my way up the ranks while meeting others who are also successful and learning from them. After graduation, I hope to be hired as a controller at an airport of my choice. 

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