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Andrew Jacob

How OU student Andrew Jacob helped record a movie score through a local fellowship

Andrew Jacob | Oklahoma City, OK 
Music Composition, Class of 2024  

“The professors here have been so intentional and have poured into me. I’ve learned so much and grown as a composer.” 

Through a fellowship at OKC’s music production company Onyx Lane, OU sophomore Andrew Jacob helped record a score for the 2021 fantasy movie, Iké Boys. During his fellowship, Jacob learned the ropes of audio engineering and professional studio recording. 


Q: What lead you to OU and music composition?
In the middle of my high school career, I realized that I had a passion for music and that I wanted to continue it for the rest of my life. The Music Composition program at OU has been awesome. I’ve made a ton of companions in my music classes, and I’ve grown as a composer. I’ve had a great time in the music program and would highly suggest to anyone to be a part of it. 

Q: How did you find the fellowship at Onyx Lane?
For my first semester at OU, I took a music orientation class. Dr. Christian Giacona and Dr. Patrick Conlon spoke in one of our classes about their music production company, Onyx Lane. Once I heard their story and how they started the company, I decided to talk to them about possible internships. That’s when they told me about the fellowship! 

Q: How have your OU professors supported you in your academic and professional work? 
 My professors were very supportive of this fellowship and had intentional conversations with me about the studio process and what the role of a composer looks like. I am excited to take my upper-division classes, which focus more on studio recording and Musical Instrumental Digital Interface (MIDI). 

Q: What did an ordinary day look like during your fellowship? 
The first few days of my fellowship, I attended workshops to learn more about audio engineering, professional studio recording, orchestration, building a reputation, and professionalism. After that, we spent time in the studio to apply what we learned. I learned about audio engineering and the equipment needed for different sounding instruments and ensemble sizes. We professionally recorded a guitar and violin duet and a cello solo. In January, I helped assist in the recording of a score for the movie Iké Boys. It was a great way to get connected to the composer and the musicians who played for the film! 

Q: Do you have any pieces you’ve made during your time at OU? 
I just had a composition recital where I performed a piece that I composed along with the other composition students in my studio. I gathered four amazing saxophone musicians to perform it for me. We also have a composition recital each semester, which is exciting because I have a lot more opportunities for my pieces to be performed and heard. 


Watch Jacob’s "Theseus for Sax Quartet," a piece that takes listeners on the adventures of the Greek hero, Theseus.
The performance took place on October 21, 2021, at OU’s Catlett Music Center.

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