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OUDM 2023


OU Dance Marathon

$465,318 fundraised. 2,202 volunteers. 54 teams. 34 miracle families.



“OUDM is a sea of emotions, but emotions that we should all feel. You will feel proud, you will feel inspired, you will feel accomplishment. OUDM has given me a home during my college experience, and I know that it will give others that home, too. In whatever capacity that you get to know OUDM, soak it all in, and love every second.”
—Jack McTighe

It was OU’s Thanksgiving break of 2022 when Jack McTighe, a marketing senior from Colleyville, Texas and the Executive Chair of The University of Oklahoma Dance Marathon (OUDM), learned he had a brain tumor. Immediately, he was scheduled for emergency surgery, where it was successfully removed.

“I was given just a small glimpse of what these kids and families have to go through, at a much younger age, and for a much longer time than I had to,” Jack said. “This really drove me in the last couple of months to be the best I can be and strive to make a real difference on the lives of these kids and families of Oklahoma.”

OUDM is the official philanthropy event of the Campus Activities Council. OUDM benefits Oklahoma's children by raising money to fund research to ensure every child in Oklahoma receives the best care possible, regardless of ability to pay. Every year, hundreds of students and alumni come together to help fund life-saving medical research.


Top fundraisers of 2023

Jack McTighe

From Colleyville, Texas


“The optimism and hope that is present with the Miracle Kids and their families is why I fundraise, why I support, why I care, and why I dance.”

Maddie Clarke

From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


“Children’s Hospital has always been a part of my life because my older brother was a patient there. With the help of Children’s Hospital, my brother had a successful and lifesaving surgery on December 3, 1997.”

Kat Brown-Roberts

From Amarillo, Texas


“I'm participating in OUDM to help provide life-saving care to kids in need. As a new resident of Oklahoma, I want to give back to my community in an impactful way.”


Jack’s original fundraising goal was $7,500, which was more than what he fundraised in all his previous three years with OUDM. He quickly surpassed the goal and increased it in increments of $500, until he reached $10,782.

“The reason I pushed is because I know what a difference $100 can make for these families,” Jack said. “When people commit to pushing themselves, we make a huge impact on so many Oklahoma families.”

OUDM is one of the largest events OU students participate in and run. It takes more than just hundreds of volunteers, but also an executive team of around 100 people constantly pivoting, communicating, and working together.

“Teamwork, communication, and passion go in to making events like this possible,” Jack said. “Communication across the board is needed, from our advisors, vice chair team, and our executive team members. Nothing would be accomplished without constant communication. With passion, we all try our hardest to make OUDM the best possible event we can.”

For those who would like to be involved during their time at OU, there are many positions offered for those interested. The first level of leadership is open to a committee of 250 individuals who will be trained by other executive members. There are ten committees students can join, and each plays a unique role in OUDM. To join an executive committee, the application opens every August and closes in September. For those who wish to make a larger impact, a student can apply to be a team captain or family liaison on rolling applications that last year-round.

For students who are passionate about philanthropy, making an impact on their local community, and helping shape a better future for the next generation, OUDM is an organization that checks all the boxes.

“OUDM is inspiring and joy filled,” Jack said. “To be able to have one day where so many come together and enjoy the day is indescribable. Our miracle kids are an inspiration, just talking to them and their families, you can see that. When I look around the gym and see all we’ve accomplished while being there for children’s health, I feel like we can do anything.”

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Experience the magic in the making that took 2,202 volunteers to create.

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