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Javier Martinez



Javier Martinez
Bachelor of Science, Psychology
From Guymon, Oklahoma

My Sooner Legacy...
I hope I am remembered for being a listening ear and a warm smile. All I wanted was to fit in and have a space on this campus to be me, and I want the same for future students. 

Why OU

I knew every university across the country would have my major and supportive faculty that would guide me during my college journey. However, I wanted an institution that would treat me more than a number and show me ways to get plugged in academically and socially. Before I became an OU student, I met with a past student, who told me about scholarships, research opportunities, and ways OU helped her feel comfortable entering the workforce. OU gives students the space to write their stories. OU doesn't stop at the classroom with learning, the university gives you ways to apply what you learn in other spaces, like organizations, internships, and research.


There are two words to describe my time here: acceptance and opportunity. I am a first-generation student from a small rural town. I thought for the longest time I would attend my local community college or work in the oil field with my dad. However, when I visited the university for a leadership camp as a high school student, I was exposed to a world of opportunity. OU might seem like a big campus, but it has a small-town feel due to the community that welcomes you with open arms. I have met my best friends here and my OU family is why I chose to re-enroll every year. It's been a whirlwind of four years of discovering what "Sooner Magic" really means.


My favorite memory is more than just one. It was all the small moments I had with friends, faculty, and professors. I experienced so many things—the events my friends hosted, meeting with and listening to experts from my future field, and learning life lessons with faculty. All of this allowed me to grow and become knowledgeable about things I would have not experienced otherwise. 


I am breaking generational barriers for my family and me. It took a village to get me to this place. I must do my due diligence and acknowledge all the people that supported and motivated me while finishing my degree. It means the absolute world to work toward a dream and see it become a reality. 

What comes next

I am taking a gap year between graduate school to work in a clinical setting before applying at the OU Health Sciences Center for a Master of Public Health!