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Bright Qiu



Bright Qiu
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Public Relations
From Norman, Oklahoma

My Sooner Legacy...
I hope to leave behind a legacy that makes my parents proud. As the daughter of two Chinese immigrants, I have always greatly admired their hard work and dedication to achieve what they have and to provide for my sisters and me.

Why OU

Growing up in Norman, I had always loved the University of Oklahoma. However, the ultimate reason I decided to attend OU was because of Gaylord College. As a high school senior, my tour with a Gaylord Ambassador completely blew me away. The hands-on opportunities, incredible faculty and staff, state-of-the-art technology, and focus on student involvement and development solidified that this would be the place for me. In my college search, I explored other options, but it was here at OU that I could picture myself most clearly. This is a place dedicated to sending successful students out into the world, and I am honored to be one of them. 

OU Game Day

My favorite moment as an OU student is the 2021 OU-Texas game. We were down 28-7 at the end of the first quarter, and I could tell OU fans around me were becoming discouraged. Once Caleb Williams took the field and ran 60 yards for a touchdown, the entire OU section of the stadium went crazy. Obviously, the rest of the game will go down as one of our greatest comebacks in OU history. I will never forget watching Kennedy Brooks win us the game with three seconds left and cheering with my friends until I could no longer scream!

17:1 Student to Faculty Ratio

Professor Holmes was my capstone professor and has impacted my view of public relations in great ways. Her gentleness and humility, yet passion and excitement when she teaches has encouraged me to work even harder toward finding success in the public relations field after I graduate. She has been such a friend to me over the last few months, and an incredible person to have in my corner.

Life at OU

The last four years at OU has been nothing short of life changing. I have met professors, friends, peers, and many others who have all pushed me to become a better woman, daughter, sister, friend, and student. The term "OU Family" is nothing short of true here. The many opportunities I have found on campus through organizations, classes, and people have truly provided experiences I will cherish for the rest of my life.


  • Delta Delta Delta

    Also known as Tri Delta, I chose to join my sorority so that I could continue my passion for philanthropy, sisterhood, and lifelong friendships. 

  • Gaylord Ambassadors

    I wanted to showcase and connect Gaylord to prospective students and show them they had a home within Gaylord, just like I had been shown as a senior in high school. As a Gaylord Ambassador, I was given this opportunity. 

  • OU Tour Guide

    As a campus leader and a lifelong supporter of OU, I wanted to further share my love for OU with prospective students who wanted to come here. On tours, I connected with students and their supporters, and showcased the beauty and possibilities at our campus. 

What comes next

I am part of Gaylord's Accelerated Master's Program, so I will continue into one year of graduate school, where I will earn my Master's degree in Strategic Communication after five years at OU!