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Alejandra Flores



Alejandra Flores
Bachelor of Arts, International and Area Studies
From Allen, Texas

My Sooner Legacy...
I hope I inspired my classmates to be brave when trying things outside of their comfort zone. Push yourself to apply to that organization or to attend a school event. This is when and where you'll realize your full potential. Once you get over that initial fear, the ride is thrilling.

Why OU

I knew I wanted to attend a university with a diverse and inclusive campus where I could find myself. When I toured OU, I was informed of all the organizations and resources they offer students. Being a Hispanic first-generation student, I was ectastic when I learned there were organizations specifically for the Latine community and for first-gen students.


The dean of my college and professor, Dr. Rebecca Cruise, reached out to me when I went through a difficult time at OU. Despite my class engagement not being the best, Dr. Cruise always connected with me to make sure everything was okay. She constantly reassured me that I would overcome my obstacles and provided me with OU resources that helped me. As a dean of a college, Dr. Cruise has hundreds of other students and professional responsibilities, but she still made time for me.


Being a first-generation student is not easy. You can have this mentality of imposter syndrome, where you think you don’t belong in spaces like this, but in reality, you are just as worthy as anyone else. I haven’t had anyone in my family do this before me. Don’t get discouraged or unmotivated, because there is a community here at OU that wants you to flourish and will support through all the good and bad.


  • Hispanic American Student Association

    I grew up in a predominantly white city and I never had a community of people like me. I wanted to better connect with my roots. Through this organization, I felt empowered and comfortable in my culture.

  • Miracle Mindset

    As a first-generation, low-income student, I felt connected to this organization because I saw a lot of myself in the students we helped, which were first-generation, low-income high school students in Oklahoma. I remember being frightened and anxious during my college search and knowing I was able to bring comfort and reassurance to these students allowed my past self to be proud.

  • Diversity Enrichment Programs

    Representation is something that is close to my heart. Through this program, I visited high schools that contained a high percentage of diverse students and let them know they’re just as able to pursue higher education as anyone else. By supporting these students and their families, I was able to make a tangible difference.

What comes next

During undergrad, a classmate connected me with an Oklahoma City-based channel Telemundo Noticiero. I completed an internship there, and that turned into a full-time job offer as a news reporter, which I will start right after graduation!