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Sharlotte G.

Sharlotte Gramajo

Sharlotte Gramajo

DEP Admissions Counselor

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What's your educational background?

University of Oklahoma, BA in Psychology/Minor in Chemistry, May 2021

As a student, where did you leave your mark on campus?

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Multicultural Greek Council, Student Life, PLC, and the Latinx Community

Define the OU family in your own words.

A group of people with many different backgrounds who come together as a unit to uplift the success of all those around us.

When was the moment you felt the greatest Sooner pride?

Walking the stage and reflecting on all it took to get to this point. As well as taking in the pride of what being an Oklahoma Sooner was during some very difficult times on campus. Although this space was not always a place for a person like me, through the OU family it has become that.

What was the greatest gift you took with you after graduation?

The recognition that comes with graduating college is amazing however the connection to OU specifically is grand. I took such an appreciation for being an example to my community and it's a gift no other experience could had given me.

Reveal one secret about campus.

1,2,3 👀

What is your favorite OU tradition?

OU/TX, Bedlam, and LWB

What advice do you have for prospective students?

Never let one "no" be the reason you only accept no's. You are the master of your fate and through overcoming you will learn so much.

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