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OU is Test Optional



OU is Test Optional

What does this mean?

We recognize that you are more than a test score. That’s why when evaluating a student for admission, test scores are just one component considered in our holistic process. Submitting test scores is still a great option for applicants, but we encourage you to review the details below and choose which option works best for you. 



We will review all applicants holistically, whether or not a test score is submitted with the admission application. That means we will look at a combination of academics, involvement, leadership, essay, recommendation letters, and other application information for all applicants.

On the application, you’ll see the two options below related to test scores. Your choice among these two options will dictate whether or not a test score is used as part of the academic evaluation of your application. 

  1. I DO want my ACT or SAT scores used in the evaluation of my admission application.

  2. I DO NOT want my ACT or SAT scores used in the evaluation of my admission application.

If you choose to apply with a test score (option #1 above), it will be included in your application and scholarship evaluation. Your application will be incomplete until we receive either self-reported or official test scores. Official scores will be required to verify a self-reported test score before you are able to enroll at OU. Once your application is under review, you cannot then choose to remove the test score from consideration. Freshman scholarships that include a test score requirement can be found on our website. You can continue to send in additional test scores through April 30 and we superscore on both the ACT and SAT. The average ACT score for fall 2022 students for admission was 26.1 You can review our complete freshman class profile on our website

If you apply without a test score (option #2 above), your high school transcript becomes the primary indicator of academic preparedness. This includes your GPA as well as academic rigor. For example, taking college preparatory, honors, Advanced Placement (AP), or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses increase your rigor score – this is highly important to the admissions committee. You will still be considered for academic scholarship opportunities if you do not submit a test score. The criteria for scholarship consideration will include your GPA and academic rigor in high school. These scholarship opportunities are different from the freshman academic scholarships that are listed with test score requirements on our admissions website.

We still encourage you to submit a score after admission to be used for additional scholarship consideration and course placement. Please note, admission to the Honors College does still require a test score. If you do not have a test score to submit or choose not to submit one at any time throughout senior year, you will be required to take placement exams prior to enrolling at OU. 

If you are unsure whether to submit your test score with your application, please talk with your high school counselor or your OU Admission Counselor, we’re here to help!