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Art: Art, Technology and Culture

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Art, Technology and Culture


What is Art, Technology, and Culture?

Art, Technology, and Culture is the ideal major for students interested in image-based and interactive media production within the context of contemporary art. Students are immersed in the disciplines of photography, video art, animation, and critical games. Coursework may include traditional analog and digital photography, experimental film, 2D and 3D motion graphics, internet art, sound, installation, performance, emerging technologies, and cultural theory. ATC values the expression of ideas, forward-thinking cultural practices, and encourages experimental forms. ATC fosters an interdisciplinary approach to education that extends beyond the borders of the traditional art school experience. Students build unique practices and portfolios that support their career goals as independent artists and future culture makers.

Am I required to present a portfolio?

All art majors are initially admitted under the Bachelor of Arts in Art degree.  Upon completion of Core I and Core II, students may apply for admission to the Bachelor of Fine Arts – Art, Technology and Culture degree via a portfolio review. ATC BFA Portfolio Reviews are announced each Fall & Spring through the OU School of Visual Arts.

So, what's my degree?

Art, Technology and Culture majors graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

What kind of career could I pursue?

Because Media and Technology are embedded in virtually all areas of our lives, professionalopportunities for Art, Technology, and Culture majors are extremely diverse and rapidly expanding. In addition to the fine arts, career fields for graduates include:

Digital Imaging
Film and Video
Motion Graphics
Game Development

Web and Application Development
Design Studios
Data Visualization
Prototyping and Fabrication
Physical Computing and Robotics
Museum, Exhibition, and Spatial Design

Do my interests fit?

  • Art
  • Photography
  • Animation
  • Film & Video
  • Game Design
  • Virtual Reality
  • New Media

How can I get involved?

Annual Student Exhibition
Fieldworks Trips
BFA Studio Group Exhibitions

Wait, I can have a minor?

Media Arts students may want to explore minors in:

  • Film and Media Studies
  • Computer Schience
  • Art History
  • Environmental Studies
  • Creative Media Production
  • Psychology/Sociology
  • OU Offers more than 100 minors!

How can I study abroad?

  • OU in Arezzo
  • OU has numerous study abroad opportunities for students of all majors. Whether you want to take electives, lower-division courses, or major requirements, be sure to check out what education abroad opportunities are available to you through the College of International Studies. 

What kind of career could I pursue?

Film and video productions companies
Design and photography studios
Arts organizations
News and media organizations
Academic institutions

What is the Lightwell Gallery?

The Lightwell Gallery is located in the central atrium of the OU School of Visual Arts. It’s a large space, with an uninterrupted footprint and a sky-lit ceiling providing visibility from studios, offices, and hallways from one and two stories above the gallery floor.
The mission of the Lightwell Gallery is to contribute significantly to the academic function of the school and to provide and enhance educational opportunities for our students. Through invitational and an annual international juried exhibition, the Lightwell also serves as a forum to connect the school, its students, and the larger Norman and Oklahoma City community to a variety of nationally and internationally recognized artists operating around the world today.


School of Visual Arts
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