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Accreditation History

Accreditation History

The University of Oklahoma has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1913, the first year that the Commission started accrediting institutions of higher learning. Its accreditation is at the Doctoral Degree level and includes degree sites throughout Oklahoma and around the world.

HLC accreditation applies to all OU programs, regardless of campus.

Prior to OU's HLC 2023 Cycle, the Higher Learning Commission's reaccreditation process was different. Accredited institutions had one major touchpoint in the 10 year time span, a week-long Comprehensive Site Visit in Year 10 that was accompanied by a Self-Study and a large number of physical resources for the peer review team. HLC modified this process after OU's 2012 Comprehensive Site Visit and transitioned to the current 10-year cycle, with OU on the Open Pathway for Accreditation.

For information about OU's current HLC Cycle, please visit HLC 2023 Reports.

Prior Cycles