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Spring Break with a Purpose

University College, in partnership with the Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing, will be hosting Camp IMPACT: Spring Break with a Purpose. Camp IMPACT takes place March 18-21, 2018 in downtown Oklahoma City and requires no cost for campers. Students must apply to attend Camp IMPACT. 

Camp IMPACT is designed to provide first year OU students with an opportunity for an in-depth exploration of the role of character in their lives. It includes three main components: volunteer/service opportunities; personal, cultural and social experiences; and civic exposures.  Students will engage in these purposeful experiences for three days over Spring Break in downtown Oklahoma City as well as participate in pre- and post-camp activities.

Camp Impact Students

The sooner virtues are nine key character traits that reflect the moral identity and the educational mission of OU and its community. They are crucial for personal flourishing and academic success.


The sooner virtues fall into three main categories.

  • Intellectual Virtues gives individuals a chance to hone the qualities of open-mindedness, love of learning, and intellectual humility.
  • Executive Virtues afford persons the chance to refine the traits of self-regulation, perseverance, and integrity.
  • Civic Virtues put individuals in a position to develop a greater sense for the characteristics of civility, justice, and compassion.

These nine qualities are the functional make-up of what makes a sooner thrive. 

  • There is no cost to you! All students selected will receive a scholarship to cover Camp IMPACT costs.
  • Get to know other like-minded OU students who are interested in bettering the community, developing as individuals and making the world a more virtuous place.
  • Get to know the community through its arts, culture, and history; and work with a team to create new ideas to improve the civic environment.
  • Attend a pre-planned and organized spring break experience and leave with deep connections to other students and the community.
  • Leave with a thorough portfolio that includes reflections on your growth as it relates to your Interpersonal, Moral, Personal, and Action-oriented, Civic Transformation.
Camp Impact Logo

How do I apply for Camp Impact?

To Apply, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be a first or second year student at OU.
  • You will need the name of a reference in your application (you do NOT need a letter of recommendation).
  • Be in good academic standing at OU.
  • Have a desire to better yourself and your community.