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2019 OU-Tulsa Research Forum

The 2019 Research Forum will be held Wednesday, April 3, 2019 in OU-Tulsa's Founders Hall. The event is presented by the Office of the OU-Tulsa Assistant Vice President for Research and the Office for Research Developnment and Scholarly Activity.

Abstracts are due Friday, February 8. 

Click here for abstract submission information

Click here for abstract submission portal

Who participates in the forum?

The OU-Tulsa Research Forum is an annual event to showcase student research. Current fellows, residents, or students at OU-Tulsa or TU are welcome to submit abstracts to the forum. Click here to submit. 

You can find a list of 2018 abstracts here

2019 Research Forum Information


Fellows, residents, or students submit an abstract through the research forum submission website. You can submit abstracts in one of our categories before Friday, February 8, 2019. 

All abstracts should be reviewed by your faculty mentor before you submit. Don't know who that is? Check with your department chair or advisor. 

Faculty reviewers in a related field will review the submissions to determine if they meet best practices. You will be notified if the abstract has been accepted or rejected by Monday, March 4, 2019. This gives you several weeks to prepare a poster and get it printed. 


Faculty reviewers in your field, or in a related field, will review all of the abstracts that are submitted. Some abstracts will be accepted and some will be rejected. We want your abstract to be accepted - here are some tips.

It is very important to follow the instructions listed on the Call for AbstractsDon't forget - all abstracts should be reviewed by your faculty mentor before you submit.

Reviewers will consider the following questions as they read through the abstract submissions:

Confidentiality: Did the author ensure confidential information is not revealed?

Originality: Is the abstract novel and interesting?
Will the information add to current body of knowledge?
Is the research question important?
Are the results useful to one or more academic constituents?

Structure: Are the key elements included (background, methods, results, etc.)?
Does the content of the abstract reflect the title?
Does the introduction/background provide relevant information?
Are the methods adequately described?
Is the method an appropriate one to collect the data needed to address the objectives?
Are the design and sampling plan, or units of data collected appropriate for the project?
Is the analysis plan cogent and accurate?
Are the results explained clearly and logically?
Are the author’s conclusions supported by the results?

Is the abstract well written, grammatically correct?
Abstracts that indicate "the work is in progress" or "the results will be discussed" are unacceptable.



Once the poster is designed and reviewed by your mentor, it is time to print. The 2019 library poster printing deadline is Wednesday, March 27 at 5:00 pm. Some departments help with the cost of printing. Check with your mentor for details.

Reminder - Posters larger than four feet wide will not be permitted. If the department does not help with printing costs, you can check with the Schusterman Library or visit any office or printing stores for pricing. If you have your poster printed at the Schusterman Library, one side cannot exceed three feet (to fit on the printer).


The research forum will take place Wednesday, April 3 from 2:00-4:00 pm. You may hang your poster in Founders Hall that morning from 9:00-11:00 am. If you are not available during that time, find someone to hang your poster for you. Velcro used to hang the posters will be provided.

One or more of the study authors are required to be present during the research forum and should be prepared to make a short presentation to the judges (no more than three to five minutes). Judges may not be in your field of study so the presentation should be for a general audience.

Be prepared to be there for two hours. Judging will take place throughout the event, so it is important to be there or your poster will not be judged.


The research forum is your opportunity to present your research to your peers, faculty and community leaders. In addition, attendees will be from area companies, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and other universities and you should be prepared to make a positive and lasting impression.

Congratulations to the 2018 Winners!


1st Place —  Andrew Starnes, Outcomes and Overuse of Helicopter Transport for Pediatric Trauma Patients in Oklahoma
2nd Place — Stephanie Harry, Lung Cancer Screening Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices in OU SCM Internal Medicine
3rd Place Tie — Mohsain Gill, Rates and Predictors of Seizure Associated Hospital Re-Admissions in Patients with Strokes
AND Obada Al Zoubi, Fine-Tuning Seed Placement and Formation in Brain: A Data Driven Approach


1st Place — Haneya Qureshi, How to Provide On-Demand Cellular Coverage Through Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
2nd Place — Obada Al Zoubi, A Game Theoretical Approach to Study Human Behavior in Carpooling
3rd Place — Asad Zaidi, Hand-Over for Less: How to Reduce Signalling Load in Future Ultra-Dense Networks


1st Place — Kelly Dunn, The Six Cs: Coping Methods at the OU-TU School of Community Medicine
2nd Place — Lauren Conway, Hope and Secondary Trauma in Physicians Exposed to Child Maltreatment
3rd Place — Alizay Paracha, Progect Revive: Using GIS Mapping to Identify Health Trends in Pediatric Population


1st Place — Amber Beisly, The Preservice Teacher’s Journey to Knowledge: Associations with Levels of Education
2nd Place — Terry Jacobs Davis, Never Too Early: Giving Programs at Tulsa Community College
3rd Place — Shinyoung Jeon, Early Head Start Dosage: The Importance of Parent-Caregiver Relationships and Family Engagement


1st Place — Rohan Kalra, Utilization of a Template to Increase Diabetic Foot Exams
2nd Place — Phillip Nielson, Medication Refill: A Project to Improve Patient Satisfaction
3rd Place — Henry Le, Improving A1C Above 9.0 in Ambulatory Academic Clinic


1st Place — Alizay Paracha, Project Revive: Using GIS Mapping to Identify Health Trends in Pediatric Population
2nd Place — Ashten Duncan, Hope as a Protective Factor in Medical Student Burnout
3rd Place — Gracen Conway Davis, Future Physicians Putting Health Into Practice: Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Communities