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Program Overview

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Master's Program Overview

This 36 credit hour Master's program can be completed in 24 months. Courses are taught in compressed weekend and evening formats to meet the scheduling needs of working adults.

Interactive, team-based learning techniques are used in all courses. Courses emphasize how research-based concepts can be applied in the workplace. Class and capstone projects address real organizational challenges and are presented to and evaluated by business leaders.

The program’s specialization options provide students with the flexibility to tailor the program to their unique career goals. Students major in either Human Resource Management or Project Management and complete an alternative specialization in an area of their choice. 

Candidates must complete two of the following three-hour core courses for a total of 6 credit hours:

  • ODYN 5113                The Psychology of Leadership
  • ODYN 5123                Survey of Organizational Dynamics
  • ODYN 5133                Teams and Motivation

Candidates choosing the Capstone or Thesis options must complete the following core courses for a total of 12 credit hours:

  • ODYN 5153                Design, Evaluation, and Statistics
  • ODYN 5163                Applied Measurement and Analysis
  • ODYN 5973                Proposing & Presenting Research

  and one of the following for a total of 3 credit hours:

  • ODYN 5183                Capstone Project
  • ODYN 5980                Research Masters Thesis

Candidates choosing the Comprehensive Exam option must complete the following core courses for a total of 6 hours.  In addition these students must also take 6 credits of guided electives to meet the 36 credit hours required for the degree.

  • ODYN 5153                Design, Evaluation, and Statistics
  • ODYN 5163                Applied Measurement and Analysis

Candidates must take four, three-hour major area courses (for a total of 12 credit hours) for their major specialization requirement.

Human Resource Management

  • ODYN 5213                Job Analysis Methods and Applications
  • ODYN 5223                Performance Management
  • ODYN 5233                Training and Career Development
  • ODYN 5243                Staffing, Selection, and Compensation
  • ODYN 5253                Organizational Behavior, Change and Development
  • ODYN 5263                Human Resource Management Systems and Techniques
  • ODYN 5273                Topics in Human Resource Management (up to 2 times)
  • ODYN 5283                Employee Health, Safety and Wellness

Project Management

  • ODYN 5313                Planning Processes and Strategy Development
  • ODYN 5323                The Psychology and Practice of Project Management
  • ODYN 5333                Customer Service and Market Analysis
  • ODYN 5343                Organizational Communication
  • ODYN 5353                Global Business Practices and Ethics
  • ODYN 5373                Technology Management and Industrial Engineering
  • ODYN 5383                Emerging Topics in Project Management (up to 2 times)

Candidates must also complete an alternative specialization in an area outside their major.  Students must complete two, three-hour alternative specialization courses for a total of six credit hours.  Students typically choose either Human Resource Management or Project Management (whichever one was not chosen as their major specialization) as their alternative specialization. Students may, with the approval of the program faculty, complete a specialization in an area not included on the ODYN program sheet (e.g., Public Administration, Human Relations).

In order to earn the Master of Arts in Organizational Dynamics, students must complete a minimum of 36 hours of graduate credit. Students must maintain a B grade average as well as receive satisfactory ratings on annual performance reviews.

Students must complete all degree requirements within five calendar years from the semester in which the first coursework is taken. If a student has not enrolled in classes for more than one major semester (i.e., Fall or Spring), he or she must apply for readmission to the Graduate College and will be subject to the degree requirements in effect at the time of readmission.

In the process of degree completion, students may also be eligible to earn a graduate certificate. The Organizational Dynamics program offers two graduate certificate programs, one in Human Resource Management and the other in Project Management. For more information about the certificate programs, please visit here