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Support the OU-TU School of Community Medicine

The mission of the University of Oklahoma is to provide the best possible educational experience for students through excellence in teaching, research, creative activity and service to the state and society.  The OU-TU School of Community Medicine focuses this mission on explicitly improving the health and health care of the entire community.

To find out how you can create a lasting legacy at the School of Community Medicine, please consider the giving opportunities listed below or contact Rachel Jaudon at (918) 660-3319 or

Your scholarship gift will help provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve as well-rounded specialty or primary care physicians, while learning a special skill set to improve the health of entire communities.


Gifts to the enrichment fund support the operations and advancement of the OU-TU School of Community Medicine. Your contribution will allow us to continue providing our students with an enriching experience while giving them the skills to improve the health of all individuals.


Support the Bedlam Clinic

Bedlam (now known as Community Health) clinics are innovative, collaborative programs that have provided affordable healthcare to the underserved in Tulsa County since 2003. Interactive clinics are medical homes to nearly 14,000 at-risk school children, residents of public housing, isolated elderly, single parents and working poor each year.

In addition, the model provides an essential teaching component to OU medical, pharmacy and nursing students.  Hands-on training strengthens clinical skills, overall curriculum and cultural competency while heartening an appreciation for volunteerism and efficient clinic operation.

“The Bedlam Clinics provide quality, continuous care to many Tulsa-area patients with chronic disease who would otherwise often be in emergency rooms with one crisis after another,” says F. Daniel Duffy, M.D., former Dean of the OU-TU School of Community Medicine. “Helping to bring their diseases quickly under control has pulled many of them from the brink of serious health crises. They often tell us they don’t know what they’d do or where they’d go for treatment or medicines were it not for the Bedlam Clinics.”


Children at Risk

The Team for Children at Risk provides vital services to an extremely vulnerable population in our state. These children are at a critical age for development and growth physically as well as emotionally. Not only is providing specialized services for medical and psychological needs in these young people the right thing to do, it also increases their likelihood of becoming productive adults. The reality is that state and federal funds received for services provided through the Team for Children at Risk covers only a portion of the actual cost of these services. State and federal funds cover only 36 percent of the costs for services provided by the Team for Children at Risk. The team depends on private funds to supplement state and federal allocations to provide these crucial services.


Faculty and staff can support OU year-round through:

Payroll Deduction: With payroll deduction, gifts can be made over a convenient number of pay periods. Click here for the form. 

One-time gift: Make a one-time cash gift to support an OU college, department, program, scholarships or any other campus need.


Rachel Jaudon
Director of Alumni Giving
OU-TU School of Community Medicine
(918) 660-3319