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Co-Curricular Involvement Policy

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Co-Curricular Involvement Policy

The mission of the University of Oklahoma is to provide the best possible educational experience for our students through excellence in teaching, research, creative activity, and service to the state and society. Students at the University have the opportunity to receive a high quality education in the classroom and participate in numerous, diverse co-curricular activities outside the classroom.

It is the responsibility of University faculty and staff to create a collegiate experience for our students that offers guidance and support. The establishment of priorities and expectations are a critical part of assisting our students to achieve success in all their college endeavors. The following guidelines represent the priorities and expectations of the University community for students balancing academic and co-curricular success.

  • All registered student organizations at the University of Oklahoma must require their officers, leaders, and/or committee chairs to be in good academic standing with the University and their respective college and department.
  • When classes are in session, no registered and/or recognized student organization may host an event between the hours of 12 a.m. and 8 a.m., Monday through Friday.
  • A non-academic event, production, or philanthropy should not exceed a commitment of 15 hours per week from participants.
  • Non-academic events, meetings, or productions should never take priority over academic, specifically in-class, responsibilities.
  • Registered student organizations should plan to complete programming initiatives prior to dead week. No activities should be scheduled during dead week. Exceptions to this policy may include academic or honorary activities with written permission from the director of Student Life.
  • Students must take personal responsibility and be proactive in managing their time and commitments that hinder the most important aspect of the college experience, graduation.
  • The University recognizes there are exceptions to this policy that could include travel to conferences, meetings, or events, special ceremonies or initiations inherent to the values of the organization, religious observances, or responsibilities with scholarships. Organizational approval can and should be obtained from the Director of Student Life prior to the activity. Additionally, each student should work with their respective instructors to manage their course obligations.

This policy will be enforced through the University of Oklahoma Student Code of Responsibilities and Conduct for the Norman Campus under Title 13 and University and State of Oklahoma Hazing Statutes.

Approved 0805 (Revised 0808)