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Financial Aid

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Financial Aid

Scholarships Are Not The Only Option for Financial Assistance

Scholarships are important, but they are only one piece of the financial assistance puzzle. Other options, all available through the Financial Aid Services site include:

  • Federal and state aid.  If your family has documented financial need you may be eligible for grants that do not have to be repaid.  For more information about these grants, visit Financial Aid Services.

  • Low-interest student loans.  Most students can qualify for student loans, but it is important to remember that these loans must be repaid when you graduate or become enrolled less than half time.

  • Work-study.  Students with financial need can qualify for work-study at OU. For more information, visit Ask The Sooners.

  • Tuition waivers. These are offered by the OU as a way to “waive” part or all of a student’s tuition.  Tuition waivers are only applicable to tuition costs and are awarded on the basis of need, academic excellence or as part of a graduate assistant’s financial package.