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Transfer Student Resources & Guidelines

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Transfer Student Resources & Guidelines

Transfer students interested in attending OU can learn more about the application process, the community, and incoming transfer scholarship opportunities here.  

Current transfer students can apply for scholarships through the Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (OU CASH).

If you are a transfer student, you may have received a Transfer Scholarship based on transfer GPA and hours completed when you first entered OU. If so, please review the Transfer Scholarship guidelines below in order to maintain your award.


Transfer Scholarship recipients are a prestigious group comprised of undergraduate students selected to receive partial tuition waivers on the basis of academic accomplishment. Transfer awards are renewable annually for up to four semesters as long as the recipient fulfills the program requirements outlined below.


1. Enrollment – Transfer Scholarship recipients must enroll as full-time undergraduate students at OU each semester. Transfer scholarship recipients must complete 24 hours at OU within their first year.

2. Grade Point Average – Transfer Scholarship recipients must maintain at least a 3.00 overall grade point average (GPA).  Students who show academic success through an OU GPA with a 3.00 or higher will also remain eligible.  GPA requirements are checked each semester.


There is no probation for this scholarship.  If the student does not meet the requirements, the student will not receive the award for subsequent semesters.


Transfer Scholarship recipients may be granted exceptions to the enrollment requirements listed above on a case-by-case basis.  If the Transfer Scholarship recipient cannot enroll in the full-time required hours due to medical or personal reasons, study abroad experiences, internships or because the student requires less than 12 hours to graduate, the student must complete this online appeals form.

For more information on eligibility concerns or terms of the tuition waiver, please contact the Scholarship Office at