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Community Engagement in Academia

As part of OU’s commitment to increase its benefits to society the entire institution is moving toward greater engagement with the Oklahoma community and the world. Dr. Kyle Harper, OU’s Senior Vice President & Provost and Dr. Matthew Hartley, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the University of Pennsylvania, talk about benefiting society through community engagement!

Office of University Community

University Community

It is the mission of The Office of University Community to enhance the University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, recognize and respect the essential worth of each individual and value differences amongst groups. Office of University Community aspires to create a community of people representing a multiplicity of identities including, but not limited to, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, spiritual belief, geographic origin, abilities or disabilities, and socioeconomic status. Furthermore, Office of University Community is committed to attaining diversity in the recruitment, retention, and advancement of students, faculty, and staff from underrepresented groups and communities.

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Quality Research Scorecard

Activity insight

Faculty, Chairs, Directors, Deans, and others often ask some version of the question: what defines quality in research and creative activity? Defining and assessing the quality of faculty scholarship, using both qualitative and quantitative measures, is critical for attracting the best and brightest students and faculty, and thus for ensuring success in achieving the University’s mission. It is also critically important for OU as a public institution to be able to communicate the value and impact of scholarship in its diverse forms to a wide audience, within and beyond the University.

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Faculty Recruitment

OU Faculty Search

Hiring new faculty is among the very most important things we do at the University. Nothing is as worthy of our time, talent, patience, and collaboration as identifying and recruiting the best possible candidate for each and every search. We should strive to treat every search like the future of the University depends upon it --- because it does. We should treat each and every candidate whom we interview or bring to campus like a Nobel-prize winning scholar --- because they might be.

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General Education

student studying on campus

General Education is at the heart of OU's mission.  OU's curriculum is designed to ensure that graduating Sooners have breadth and depth - the fundamental knowledge and skills they need to flourish as individuals and as citizens.

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State of STEM

wind power for STEM education

OU is building and diversifying pathways to STEM Education so K-12 students are inspired to become STEM educators in the future. STEM is not just for gifted students, but for everyone. OU's professional development workshops, summer programs and concurrent enrollment opportunities will excite math and science teachers and K-12 students.

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ipad ibook

Pick up an iPad and see how traditional textbooks have transformed. More than just an eBook, this collection inspires innovation and showcases work from OU faculty, staff, and students.

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Digital Measures - Activity Insight

Activity insight

OU has contracted Digital Measures, the leading web-based faculty activity reporting solution provider, to capture faculty activity electronically and use the information to automatically generate annual mini-vitae, customized bios (such as for NSF/NIH), update faculty web profiles, and publicize faculty accomplishments.  Activity Insight is a secure centralized database exclusively created for higher education. 

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Textbook Alternatives Program

paper vs pixel

The prices of traditional textbooks continue to increase, further driving up the cost of Higher Education. OU's goal is to provide training and support to assist faculty in adopting, converting, or creating digital educational content for courses to replace higher cost textbooks and course supplements.

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