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New Employees

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New Employees

All new employees need to complete the following new hire documentation. The forms within the New Hire packet allow you to begin work and need to be completed either before you start work or on your first day.  

For information related to employee insurance programs, retirement, or OU policies and procedures, please visit the University of Oklahoma Norman Campus Human Resources site at,

Forms & Links

As a new employee you will need to complete a New Employee Packet containing all necessary pieces of documentation for a new hire, listed below are the forms, descriptions and instructions:

How to Complete Paperwork When Out-of-State

The employee can download the appropriate paperwork from the HR website under Documents and Forms or the department can mail the paperwork to the employee.

If an employee is unable to hand deliver the paperwork to the department or Payroll and Employee Services they may mail it.

Before mailing the completed paperwork to Payroll and Employee Services, the employee must:

  1. Have the Loyalty Oath notarized.
  2. Provide notarized copies of the original supporting documents for the I-9. The notary must provide a written statement that he/she has viewed the original documents.

The employee can mail the completed paperwork to:

Payroll and Employee Services 905 Asp Ave., Room 244
Norman, OK 73019-1094

Questions can be directed to (405) 325-2961

Note: In addition to the following forms within the New Hire paperwork, all new employees must present an original social security card to Payroll and Employee Services. A copy of this card will be made by Payroll and Employee Services and kept on file. This is a university policy guided by the Social Security Administration and Internal Revenue Service published recommendations.

This form provides the university with your personal information including address and phone number.

All new employees must complete and return page one of the PDF. Only employees who hold a teaching or reasearch appointment with the University of Oklahoma will need to complete and return page two (Education) of the PDF. (Pages 7-8)

The Oklahoma Loyalty Oath document is required by the State of Oklahoma §51-36.1. 

Complete and sign your name on the "Affiant's Signature" line. This document must be Notarized and returned before the employee can be issued a paycheck. Payroll and Employee Services offers free notary services should you need access to a Notary. (Page 9)

§51-36.1.  Persons required to take oath or affirmation.

Every officer and employee of the State of Oklahoma, or of a county, school district, municipality, public agency, public authority, or public district thereof, who, on or after July 1, 1953, is appointed or elected to office, or who after said date is employed, for a continuous period of thirty (30) days or more, in order to qualify and enter upon the duties of his office or employment and/or receive compensation, if any, therefor, shall first take and subscribe to the loyalty oath or affirmation required by this act and file the same as hereinafter set forth.  Provided, that a public employee who is employed or whose employment is extended on a fiscal year basis and who has duly taken and filed the oath required by this act in order to qualify for and enter upon, or continue in, the duties of his employment, need not again take and file such an oath so long as his said employment, or reemployment is continuous or consecutive.

Added by Laws 1953, p. 216, § 1, emerg. eff. April 8, 1953.

This is a federally mandated employment eligibility verification document. 

This completed form and the original documents proving your employment eligibility must be submitted to Payroll on or before your first working day. Your Paycheck cannot be processed without this document. (Pages 4-6)

Legislation passed by the State of Oklahoma makes direct deposits mandatory for all state employees. Effective January 1, 2005 all new employees must use direct deposit, and all existing employees must switch to direct deposit no later than June 2007.

On your first payday, contact your financial institution to confirm that your pay was deposited into your account. Confirm that your money has been deposited before writing checks.

If your bank does not have your deposit, contact Payroll Distribution at (405/325-1789). The university will not cover overdraft charges. Employees who do not direct deposit must pick up their payroll checks from Payroll Distribution on the first floor of Buchanan Hall, room 105. Payroll checks will not be mailed. Whether or not you direct deposit, you can view and/or print your past or present earning statements through Employee Self Service in PeopleSoft (Direct deposit form, Pages 18-19).

Individuals without a checking account may consider the option of using a "Paycard". For more information about this service contact Payroll Distribution

Make sure the appropriate taxes are withheld by completing and returning the W-4 document.

Employees without a W-4 on file will be taxed at the highest tax rate. Once the W-4 has been returned, employees may make future changes to the federal withholding through the Self-Service Web application (How To Update W-4 Online).

For more information about the Self-Service feature, please visit the PeopleSoft Functions for Employees under the “My Pay” tab on the Payroll and Employee Services website. (Page 10-11)

Complete this form to ensure the appropriate state taxes are withheld or if you work out-of-state and wish to be exempted from paying Oklahoma state taxes.

FOR NEW HIRES: If the state form is not returned, your federal W-4 withholding selection will be applied to the state tax withholding.

Note: All Nonresident Aliens must check with Payroll and Employees Services (405/325-2961) before changing withholding allowances. (Page 12)

As part of an ongoing effort to protect the health and safety of the University community, The Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma has adopted a Tuberculosis Testing Policy, effective August 16, 2007.

Note: All new staff and faculty must certify that they comply with the Tuberculosis Testing Requirement. (Page 13)

All nonresident alien employees must complete the Foreign Nation Information Form (FNIF). The information provided will be used to determine eligibility for non-resident tax treaty benefits and income tax obligation while working for the University of Oklahoma.

This form is included in the International Employees form packet above. (Pages 8-9).

Note: Please copy and attach the following documents to the FNIF:

  • I-94 Arrival/Departure record (both sides)
  • Passport
  • US Visa
  • I-20 or DS-2019 or 1797, if appropriate
  • Social Security card

All employees are required to complete the Confidential and Proprietary Information Disclosure Form.


Please return the completed disclosure for to Human Resources (HR).