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Startup Companies

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Startup Companies

Since its creation in 1998, OTD has has licensed University technologies to 36 companies that have generated more than $75 million in capital, more than $10 million in cash and more than $30 million in current estimated equity value for the university. In addition, these companies have created in excess of 150 jobs, which pay on average nearly twice the median household income in Oklahoma.

Biolytx Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Biolytx Pharmaceuticals Corp. logo

Biolytx Pharmaceuticals Corp. is based on technology developed by Anne Pereira and the OU Health Sciences Center. Its core technology is development of a novel antibiotic peptide for use in treatment of serious hospital-acquired infections, including those resistant to current antibiotics.

Choncept LLC

Choncept LLC logo

Choncept is a biotech company focused on development of new technology from Paul DeAngelis, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, to produce chondroitin sulfate, part of a protein molecule naturally found in the body that gives cartilage elasticity. Choncept’s chondroitin is created by fermentation of recombinant bacteria to replace the current chondroitin source of beef and other animal by-products. Modified chondroitin is known for its anti-coagulant properties. In 2003, retail sales of animal-derived chondroitin for the nutraceutical market were $1 billion in the United States and $400 million to $600 million in Europe. The market for chondroitin sulfate continues to grow by 5 to 7 percent annually.

Ekips Technologies Inc.

Ekips Technologies Inc. logo

Ekips Technologies Inc. is a laser and instrumentation company that has applied its expertise in semiconductor laser fabrication, laser spectroscopy and software expertise to provide a breath-testing platform for healthcare. Laser spectroscopic instruments have broad applications in healthcare through the analysis of compounds in breath related to diseases.


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Heparinex LLC

Heparinex LLC logo

Heparinex is a biotech company with core platforms developed by Paul DeAngelis, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, that create methods of producing bacteria for heparosan and in vitro-defined polymer syntheses. The company’s commercial focus is on the novel recombinant synthesis of compounds for (a) the growing anti-coagulation market, (b) a poly[ethylene glycol] (PEG) substitute in the drug delivery market, and (c) the replacement of Botox, collagen and hyaluronic acid as a cosmetic wrinkle remover. Sales of these materials into the various markets are valued at $1-5 billion annually.

Hyalose LLC

Hyalose LLC logo

Hyalose, formed to commercialize the unique recombinant technology of Paul DeAngelis, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, and Paul Weigel, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, has licensed its hyaluronic acid (HA) production technology for fermentation of HA to Novozymes Biopolymer A/S. Its SelectHA and NanoHA products enable better control of polymer synthesis as well as the creation of novel molecules. The company’s capabilities are applicable to both existing and emergent markets. The world market for sales of products incorporating HA was more than $3 billion in 2004 and is expected to climb to $7 billion by 2010.

Inoveon Corp.

Inoveon Corp. logo

Inoveon's objective is the elimination of avoidable vision loss due to diabetic retinopathy and macular edema. The company delivers the iScan system to detect, stage and monitor diseases affecting the eye. Inoveon's initial target is to help patients and their providers improve diabetic retinopathy care through Inoveon iSite diagnostic service centers that are co-located in high volume diabetes care clinics.

Moleculera Labs

Moleculera Labs logo

Moleculera Labs provides personalized clinical testing services for individuals suspected of suffering from  PANDAS/PANS, which are treatable neurologic conditions that may be associated with motor tics, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD) and sometimes Autism Spectrum Disorders. This perplexing neurologic condition is believed to be associated with an autoimmune response triggered by commonly occurring infections which result in a patient’s antibodies targeting neurologic receptors in the body.

Over a decade of PANS and PANDAS testing, research has led to the development of the Cunningham Panel™, a set of 5 clinical assays which serves as an aid to the physician in the diagnosis of these conditions. Moleculera Labs is continuing to work with researchers, patients and physicians to help understand the underlying biology of these autoimmune and neurologic conditions.  The overarching goal of Moleculera Labs is to assist children and their families to help restore an improved quality of life.

Pure Protein LLC

Pure Protein LLC logo

Pure Protein focuses on the discovery of new targets to diagnose, prevent and treat infectious disease and cancer. Its core technology platform, developed by William Hildebrand, associate professor of microbiology and immunology, allows the production of large quantities of immune surveillance proteins, provides unique insight into the inner workings of diseased cells, and offers a unique toolset for evaluating and improving vaccines as well as reducing unwanted allergic reactions from bio-therapeutics. The company has created diagnostic kits for tissue typing and antibody screening for the $200 million organ transplant test kit market. Its technology is used to produce new vaccine targets and validate existing vaccine targets owned by others. The vaccine market has $4 billion a year in sales.

Ribomed Biotechnologies

Ribomed Biotechnologies logo

Dedicated to early disease detection, Ribomed is developing rapid, specific and robust tests for RNA, DNA and protein and the analysis of SNPs and CpG methylation sites, gene amplifications and splicing mutations using its proprietary abscription®-based signal generation system. Applications include RNA virus and protein toxin biosensors, PCR-free viral load testing, and disease cell profiling.

Scrub Oak Technologies

Scrub Oak Technologies  logo

Scrub Oak Technologies is an Oklahoma-based company engaged in the manufacture and sale of patented intelligent infrastructure devices offering quality, cost-effective and safe engineering products and services. The company has value-added engineering systems to offer the owners of roads and bridges and the trucking industry. Scrub Oak Technologies is committed to providing semi-active vibration control technologies to the transportation and infrastructure industries and to commercializing the SemiActive Vibration Absorber and the Intelligent Vehicle Bridge System.

Selexys Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Selexys Pharmaceuticals Corp. logo

Selexys Pharmaceuticals Corp. is a privately held company that develops and commercializes therapeutics to treat inflammatory and thrombotic diseases. The company has completed research and is in preclinical development of two drug candidates, a monoclonal antibody and a glycosulfopeptide, that have broad application for the treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory disorders.

SouthWest NanoTechnologies Inc.

SouthWest NanoTechnologies Inc. logo

SouthWest NanoTechnologies, Inc. is a privately held, independent specialty chemical firm that manufactures single-wall carbon nanotubes for a broad array of specialty products. Customized SWeNT™ nanotubes are available for application development.

Surbec Environmental LLC

Surbec Environmental LLC logo

Surbec commercializes several unique surfactant technologies developed at the University of Oklahoma. The continued development of these technologies has expanded into other advanced in-situ options, including microbially-based processes. The company is a unique combination of world class technology developers, experienced field implementers, and strong financial investors.

Weather Decision Technologies Inc.

Weather Decision Technologies Inc. logo

Weather Decision Technologies Inc. provides the world's highest resolution, most accurate weather information content to help businesses make the appropriate decisions to minimize weather-related risk and gain a valuable competitive advantage. The company employs the world's leading experts in automated weather technologies, has strong relationships with and the respect of the world's leading meteorological research and development organizations, offers a complement of state-of-the-art weather technologies and is closely associated with the Oklahoma Weather Center, the premier meteorological research and operational organization in the world.


ZigBeef logo

ZigBeef products solve the short read-range bottleneck problem for USDA NAIS number collection in high-traffic beef cattle markets and lots. Its products also enable beef producers to electronically identify cattle whether their herds are in chutes or pens or grazing open pasture. The company’s radio-based cattle ear tags offer superior reading-range over passive wand-based tag technology.