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Growth Fund Recipients

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Congratulations to the Fall 2017 Growth Fund recipients!


Detamore & Townsend

Drs. Michael Detamore & Jakob Townsend

Crosslinking Tissue Particle Hydrogels for Craniofacial Bone Regeneration


Dr. Cortes Williams

Development of In Vitro Tumor Models for Chemotherapeutic Drug Testing

Cross-Campus Collaboration

Duerfeldt, Ma & Shin

Drs. Adam Duerfeldt, Jian-Xing Ma & Young-Hwa "Henry" Shin

Pre-Clinical Evaluation of Small Molecule Drug Leads for Ocular Microvasculature Diseases

Health Sciences Center


Dr. Robert Eugene Anderson

VLC-FA Treatment of Male Infertility, Skin Disorders, and Neural Development

Hopiavuori & Masser

Drs. Blake Hopiavuori & Dustin Masser

Novel Compositions for Lipid-Mediated Barrier Repair in Atopic Dermatitis

Norman - Spring 2017

Growth Fund Winners Patrick McKernan & Dr. Roger Harrison

Using recombinant genetic engineering, Patrick McKernan and Dr. Harrison are fighting the malaria parasite in new ways. The Growth Fund will support further optimization and testing of their therapy in animal models.

Growth Fund Winner Dr. Robert Cichewicz

Dr. Cichewicz’s innovation is a safe, effective, and novel chemical method for eliminating the odor of unpleasant smelling thiols (such as skunk smell) and addressing the effects of poison ivy. His Growth Fund project will allow for optimization of this method. 


Growth Fund Winner Dr. Charles Rice

Dr. Rice has developed a therapeutic to combat “superbugs” like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) that cause dangerous infections. His Growth Fund project will further evaluate efficacy and optimize dosing.

Health Sciences Center - Spring 2017

Growth Fund Winner Dr. Jody Summers

Dr. Summers has developed a novel inhibitor of retinaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (RALDH2), a therapeutic target for the control of severe myopia. Her Growth Fund project will further evaluate efficacy and optimize dosing of this novel composition.

Growth Fund Winners Drs. McCarthy & Berry

Drs. McCarthy and Berry are developing a reproducible, readily accessible model of hypertrophic scarring. The Growth Fund will support further optimization of their prototype and demonstrate proof of concept.

Growth Fund Winner Dr. Carol Webb

Dr. Webb’s Growth Fund project aims to alleviate painful symptoms associated with inflammatory diseases like lupus. The Growth Fund will support further optimization and testing of her ARID3a inhibitors in animal models.


Growth Fund Winners Dr. Esteban Florez & Khajotia

To combat secondary caries and the failure of dental restorations, Drs. Esteban Florez and Khajotia have created an antibacterial material for inclusion in dental resins that prevents cariogenic biofilms from accumulating. Their Growth Fund project is aimed at optimizing the antibacterial and bioactive behavior of the material.

Questions? Contact Annie Smith, Growth Fund Coordinator, at (405) 325-0719 or