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I-CCEW Interns Spring 2019

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I-CCEW Interns

Our interns engage in high-impact projects and yield amazing results. They're also incredible leaders across the University. The Spring 2019 class of interns represents 14 OU Colleges and 30 different majors. They're members of the OU Honors College, Crimson Club, the Price College JCPenney Leadership Program, the Gallogly College of Engineering's Dean's Leadership Council, McNair Scholars, President's Leadership Class, and many other organizations across campus.

I-CCEW Class of Spring 2019

Intern Shruti Boter

Michael Asante, Product Designer

Computer Engineering

Intern Lane Callaghan

Chase Bonar, Consulting Associate

Supply Chain Management

Intern Daniela Cooper

Emilee Bumgarner, Graphic Designer

Visual Communication

Intern Sean Eldridge

Zachary Coronado, Product Designer

Chemical Engineering

Intern Taylor Finley

Millet Gilmore, Interdisciplinary Analyst

Finance, Accounting

Intern Elizabeth Greer

Ducha Hapsari, Oil & Gas Analyst

Petroleum Engineering

Intern Catherine Ha

Platin Iradukunda, Oil & Gas Analyst

Petroleum Engineering

Intern Emily Ingram

Nikiel Kim, Consulting Associate

Finance, Economics

Intern Qianny Lu

Dorothy Lam, Interdisciplinary Analyst


Intern Vesela Massaro

Alan Lee, Software Developer

Computer Science, Mathematics

Intern Amanda Maxwell

Amy Le, Software Developer

Computer Science

Intern Rahma Osman

Antonio Manuel, Oil & Gas Analyst

Petroleum Engineering

Intern Soham Pandya

James Martindale, Software Developer

Computer Science

Intern Haley Rader

Jacob Moser, Interdisciplinary Analyst

Physics, Mathematics, Spanish

Intern Betsy Waller

April Nguyen, Interdisciplinary Analyst

Chemical Engineering

Intern Douglas Yancy

Keith Nutter, Consulting Associate

Finance, Economics

Intern Douglas Yancy

Kody Oliver, Interdisciplinary Analyst

Economics, Chemical Biosciences

Intern Ximeng Zu

Brian Phillips, Interdisciplinary Analyst

Human Relations

Intern Ximeng Zu

Gary Sefah, Product Designer

Mechanical Engineering

Intern Ximeng Zu

Younji Sohn, Interdisciplinary Analyst


Intern Tami Alabi

John Tran, Software Developer

Computer Science

Intern Lindsey Cox

Mary Vu, Consulting Associate

Accounting, MIS

Intern Jarrett Ferguson

Alex Zhang, Product Designer

Aerospace Engineering

Intern Benjamin Frempah

Jordan Zimmerman, Interdisciplinary Analyst

Chemical Engineering

Intern Hannah Grillot

Marvin Manalastas, Tulsa Analyst

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Intern Calla Hamlin

Andrea Pemberton, Tulsa Analyst

Organizational Dynamics

Intern Grace Le

Elissa Renberg, Tulsa Analyst

Public Health

Intern Sheperd Matsongoni

Souwelimatou Amadou Amani, Oklahoma City Analyst

Microbiology, Immunology

Intern Soham Pandya

Kate Byrne, Oklahoma City Analyst

Occupational Therapy

Intern Qiang Pan

Micah Gillezeau, Oklahoma City Analyst


Intern Justin Potts

Angel Giron, Oklahoma City Analyst

Public Health

I-CCEW Team Leaders of Spring 2019

Intern Matt Allan

Ben Cooper, Agile Product Design Team Leader

Chemical Engineering

Team Leader Benjamin Frempah

Greta Fiedler, Interdisciplinary Analyst Team Leader

Economics, Arabic

Team Leader Benjamin Frempah

Collin Owen, OFA Team Leader


Team Leader Benjamin Frempah

John Roff, Oil and Gas Team Leader

Petroleum Engineering, MBA

Team Leader Carly Norwood

Emily Sharp, Interdisciplinary Analyst Team Leader

Mechanical Engineering, Film and Media Studies

Team Leader Krishna Manohar

Ronald Smith, Tulsa Team Leader

Public Administration

Team Leader Krishna Manohar

Betsy Waller, OKC Team Leader

Public Health

Team Leader Carly Norwood

Richard Yang, Software Developer Team Leader

Computer Science