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Product Design

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Product Design

To more completely fulfill its economic development mission, the Ronnie K. Irani Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth started building its expertise in product design in 2012. This program focus can be seen through the organization of internal, student-based projects in our Agile Product Development track and through product-focused venture strategy sessions where local entrepreneurs get advice on their ideas for new products.

I-CCEW approaches product design from a consumer-driven perspective, drawing from the innovation approaches of design consulting firms like IDEO while also incorporating aspects of Stanford’s Lean Launchpad curriculum. This approach encourages  student teams and entrepreneurs to repeatedly test their product ideas with consumers during the design process, aiming to create products that are well-informed by user insights across both the functional and emotional aspects of the design.

I-CCEW's first Agile Product Design intern team took their idea, Levate Lift, to market after conducting more than 200 consumer interviews and more than 10 iterations of their product.