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The I-CCEW Problem-Solving Process

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What We Do

The I-CCEW Problem Solving Process

The Ronnie K. Irani Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth Methodology involves an iterative and flexibly applied 4-step approach to technology commercialization, software business acceleration, startup ventures and product design.

1. Problem & Solution Analysis ­– Interns familiarize themselves with the capabilities of the technology and identify specific pain points the technology addresses, with a clear understanding of the tech innovations and potential to solve major problems and add value to industry/consumers.

2. Customer Discovery – Intern Teams identify key users of the technology through customer interviews, focus groups, and beta testing. They research and target key purchasing decision makers in primary markets, and also identify key secondary markets.

3. Value Chain & Business Model Analysis – Interns build a technology-specific business model and assess its optimal value chain. The teams take into account key stakeholders at each point in the value chain and analyze the potential for new IP generated by the technology.

4. Financial Analysis and Implementation – I-CCEW Intern Teams develop key financial projections, taking into account past and future R&D for the technology. They also provide specific implementation steps necessary for handing off the technology to its owner.

How We Use the Process to Create Economic Wealth

Technology Commercialization

I-CCEW’s roots lie in technology commercialization, or the process of analyzing a new technology’s commercial potential and determining its best path to market. Since 2006, I-CCEW has worked  with OU’s Office of Technology Development (OTD) to bring university-developed technologies to market. The technology commercialization program has led to multiple university licensing deals, company spinouts, and revenue generation. I-CCEW has multiple collaborations with national laboratories as well.  Learn More...

Social Entrepreneurship

The Social Entrepreneurship Program at I-CCEW launched in 2010, giving I-CCEW Interns the opportunity to apply business principles to create sustainable solutions for social problems. Since its inception, the program has grown to include intern projects, workshops and symposia, and influences much of I-CCEW's programming in Tulsa with The Mine and the Innovation and Sustainability Institute. Past I-CCEW SocEnt projects have had an impact on non-governmental organizations in developing countries, increased access to funding for international small- to medium-sized businesses and the launch of I-CCEW's Oklahoma Funding Accelerator. Learn More...

Software Accelerator

The Software Business Accelerator generates new tech startups in Oklahoma and bolsters the existing tech startup community with consulting projects. SoBA pairs groups of interdisciplinary interns and computer science interns on one team to create a new software or web application and build a business around that technology. Since its launch in 2010, in partnership with the College of Engineering's School of Computer Science and Director Sridhar Radharkrishnan, SoBA has developed more than 10 unique applications that have helped in-state startups grow their business or have grown into student-launched ventures.   Learn More...

Product Design

I-CCEW approaches product design from a consumer-driven perspective, drawing from the innovation approaches of design consulting firms like IDEO while also incorporating aspects of the Lean Launchpad methodology. This approach encourages I-CCEW Interns and entrepreneurs to repeatedly test their product ideas with consumers during the design process, with the ultimate goal of creating products that are well-informed by user insights across both the functional and emotional aspects of the design.  Learn More...

Entrepreneurial Support

As a key component of its mission to foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem, I-CCEW helps local entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. Associates in I-CCEW's student consulting organization, the Oklahoma Funding Accelerator, work one-on-one with entrepreneurs to help them build and execute specific strategies that get businesses closer to funding and implementation. OFA also hosts workshops and events for local entrepreneurs.

I-CCEW also provides other services to local entrepreneurs, including roundtable strategy sessions with I-CCEW Staff. Learn More...