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Interdisciplinary Internship

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Interdisciplinary Analyst Internship

The Ronnie K. Irani Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth Interdisciplinary Analyst Internship is a semester-long experiential learning opportunity for OU students at the Norman, OKC, and Tulsa campuses. The most motivated and talented students from across OU are placed on interdisciplinary, high impact teams and are tasked with providing top-notch solutions to real-world problems. Over the course of each semester, I-CCEW Interns work to commercialize researchers' innovative new inventions, sustainably solve pressing social issues, and develop software solutions for Oklahoma startups or launch their own tech venture.

The student internship program fulfills the I-CCEW mission to advance people, ideas, and businesses in two ways. First, the businesses, non-profits, and researchers that I-CCEW Interns work with receive insights and recommendations that drive their organization forward, allowing them to create wealth and jobs for Oklahomans. Second, I-CCEW Interns learn consulting-style problem solving, analysis, and communication skills that set them apart as leaders amongst their peers. The I-CCEW Alumni Network includes former Interns in some of the world's top graduate programs and high profile companies, as well the founders of startups in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

If you're an OU student and interested in applying for the I-CCEW Internship, please review the applications tab.

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