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Agile Product Design Internship

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Agile Product Design

The Agile Product Design Program at the Ronnie K. Irani Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth seeks to apply an IDEO-inspired iterative design approach to generate new consumer products. An interdisciplinary team from across majors is assembled to conduct this consumer-driven design process. Together, each team is tasked generally to:

  • Identify a consumer problem or pain point with an existing product
  • Design an initial product that aims to solve this problem or pain
  • Iteratively prototype and refine the design through extensive consumer interviews and research

The APD program has two primary objectives: to create innovative products that can be commercialized to promote economic development in Oklahoma and to provide a unique, real-world experience to students, preparing both the business analysts and engineering design interns for the cross-disciplinary work environment they will encounter beyond graduation.